Recycled Percussion Provides Toys For Children

Recycled Percussion distributing toys to thousands of children.

The last couple of weeks we followed the progress of the band, Recycled Percussion as they performed in 50 states in 12 days to raise $50,000 for gifts for children who might not get presents. (They raised over $60,000.)

And today, Christmas Eve, they delivered toys to over 6,000 children!

Recycled Percussion’s Justin had this to say on their Facebook page.

“About to hand out toys to thousands of children for Christmas. I want to truly from the bottom of my heart thank ALL the volunteers, people who donated and everyone in between. This is not about us. We get so much credit but without those who support our foundation NON of this is possible. I can’t believe this many people support us and allow us to make this difference in the world. If I died today I would feel thankful to have had the life I have had. Much love. – Justin”

I live in New Hampshire, (their home state) so I was able to see a lot of the action first hand in the community we live in. Living in Keene, the distribution organization that helped was Moms On A Mission.

Kudos to these guys for spearheading such an amazing project.

I admit to my bias here. Children in need, New Hampshire and drums.

Thank you, Recycled Percussion, for this successful project. To all of you who participated with the donation of your time, talent and treasures, thank you.

They also shared their appreciation…

This is unreal!!!!!! Look at this!!!

This was YOU. ALL YOU. The Recycled Percussion foundation and our 50 shows in 50 states in 12 days stunt/fundraiser has delivered! All of these toys (look closely) are going to children in need tomorrow!! Months of effort and dedication, sleepless nights and thousands of donations have grown into the most special display of humanity. Thank you to everyone who made this happen, we are just a small part of it, it was communities that made this happen! Please share this picture it speaks a million words.

I believe there are a lot of happy children this Christmas. That makes me happy. As the father of five children and the grandfather of 8, as well as being a minister, I know what Christmas and the stress of providing for children can be. I am grateful for projects and people like this.

One of the guiding principles of our business, Positive News For You, is to get behind organizations that do good and publish stories of their good works. This one was easy to get behind.

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