Red Cloud Nebraska by Sharon Black

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In South Central Nebraska is the small town of Red Cloud and its claim to fame is author Willa Cather. But before her notoriety were the Native Americans. The Red Cloud Opera House hosted Garan Coons, Native American Entertainer on Friday September 11th.

Garan is the founder of this professional Native American dance troupe, Many Moccasins Dance Troupe.

Colorful costumes and many stories relating to the Lakota and Navajo tribes were theatrically retold.

The art gallery downstairs from the opera house is exhibiting the Pawnee Art of Oklahoma on display until Wednesday November 11th.

On the River Road north of Red Cloud is a hill with two graves. The stone reads legend has it that Blue Cloud is buried atop the hill with her horse. Blue Cloud is Chief Red Cloud’s daughter, according to legend.

The Republican River is south of Red Cloud and that was the home to the Republican Pawnee. Near there in Guide Rock, Nebraska is where Zebulon Pike told the Republican Pawnees to take down the Spanish flag and fly the American flag. (It is advised to not drive up to the top of this hill.)

Nebraska is home to many Native Americans’ rich history.

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Sharon Black is from Smith Center, Kansas. We welcome her to our team of volunteers.

Smith Center KansasSharon Black has been writing for many years including newspapers, short stories, and as a publisher. She was born in Nebraska and has lived in Kansas most of her life. In her hometown of Smith Center, Kansas, Willa Cather’s hometown is to the north and Bob Dole’s hometown is to the south. Sharon is a press release writer for the National Parks Arts Foundation and writes for b U n e k e magazine. The biggest project she has accomplished is the co-writer of the TV movie Home on the Range. The movie is about the song, which is the state song of Kansas and the lawsuit surrounding it in the 1930s and finding the rightful author of the song. Sharon is distantly related to the Mississippi writer Eudora Welty.

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