Roving Reporters

In an effort to supply more content, quality pictures and more coverage from about the nation, we are going to introduce the concept of “roving reporters.”

What is a roving reporter? These are people who will love their region, love being positive and seeing the best of situations, love picture taking and love people. A “roving reporter” is one who likes taking pictures, perhaps incorporating a story or blog entry along with various pictures. What will they take pictures of? Events, buildings, activities, landscapes and more. What will they write about? Activities, events, fairs and communities. More than likely you will be at these events or activities and taking the pictures already.

We are getting ready to put this together. Currently, Ithis is a VOLUNTEER position, but I hope to be able to make it more than that.

If you think you might be interested in building community while you do what you love, let me know.


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