Secret Pals Forever in Our Hearts

Happy Wednesday
Happy Wednesday

Secret pals forever in our hearts.

Happy Wednesday!

Today is Secret Pal Day.


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Secret Pal Day is on January 11 and we are stoked to get unusually loud with the person we whisper our secrets to. Secret pals will forever hold a place in our hearts; they are understanding, trustworthy, and a relief from outer emotional baggage and mental stress. Do you know that keeping secrets is detrimental to our health? In a way, a secret pal is a preventive measure for those health risks.


Celebrate your secret pal

Make your secret pal feel loved by celebrating them or taking them out to have fun.

Keep a secret

If you are someone’s secret pal, celebrate yourself by remaining trustworthy and helpful. Keep the secret a secret.

Tell a secret

Kill two birds with one stone: Tell a secret to get a burden off your mind and make get yourself a secret pal. That way, you would have celebrated Secret Pal Day.


Your daily thought!

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