Six Flags’ 7-story coaster will throw you for a loop

“To live as a gay man in the world, even here in the west, means skirting round violence every day.” So says Russell T Davies, the creator of the increasingly harrowing LGBT drama Cucumber. Last night’s episode was surely one of the most unsettling pieces of drama to grace our TV. screens in recent times: judging by the distressed reaction on Twitter, it left many viewers with restless nights. {{more}}

The episode opens by informing us that one of the main characters, Lance, is going to die. Recently abandoned by his long-term partner Henry, who abortively seeks liberation in singledom, Lance seeks solace by pursuing Daniel, a deeply conflicted, ostensibly heterosexual man. After a powerful fast-forward through Lance’s life – first girlfriend, coming out, family rejection, Aids, love – it culminates with a final fateful scene of a creepy sexual encounter and his chilling murder.

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