Special police shot Kiev protesters, inquiry says

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov told reporters 12 members of the Berkut police had been identified as snipers, and three of them had been arrested.

The inquiry looked into the shootings on Instytutska street in Kiev, where 76 people were killed on 18-20 February.

Months of mass protests led to the ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych.{{more}}

More than 100 people are now known to have died in Ukraine since the unrest began in November over Mr Yanukovych’s last-minute rejection of a landmark deal with the EU in favour with closer Russian ties.

Ukraine’s new authorities have since signed the political part of the association agreement with the EU.

Meanwhile, Russia – which backed Mr Yanukovych – last month annexed Crimea in southern Ukraine following a controversial referendum branded illegal by Kiev and the West.

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