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Happy Tuesday!

Today is…

National Chicken Little Awareness Day

In many respects the antithesis of our belief here, but it also was better than the others we could celebrate. cool

Chicken Little is a folk tale about a chick who thinks the world is coming to an end because something, usually a nut such as an acorn, fell on its head. Throughout the story it exclaims, “The sky is falling!” and mistakenly thinks disaster is imminent. Chicken Little decides to tell the king that the sky is falling, and tells other animals of the falling sky too, who join the chick along its quest. In most versions of the story, the animals have rhyming names such as Goosey Loosey, Ducky Lucky, and Cocky Locky. There are multiple versions of the ending of the story: The main one says that a fox named Foxy Loxy invites all the animals into its dwelling and eats them. In some versions, the chick escapes, and in others, all the animals make their way to freedom and are able to visit the king.


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