Tulip Cafe and Creperie, A Restaurant Review by Erik Willis

Today I ventured into Vermont to try a completely different type of fare at the Tulip Cafe and Creperie on 126 Main Street in Brattleboro. They are opened from 8-4 Monday through Friday and 9-4 on the weekend.

I started off with a Turkish Coffee. I really enjoyed the presentation complete with the cup and saucer that was imported from Turkey. {{more}} It certainly added a bit of pep to my step and cleansed my palate for what was to come. For dinner I decided on Talash Balek, a traditional Turkish dish with braised lamb, onions, roasted eggplant drizzled with garlic yogurt sauce and a fried egg on the side. Simply put, it was amazing and I am so glad I ventured out to try something new! Oh and of course a slice of baklava which I ate so fast that I forgot to take a pic of it!

Service: Great

Price: Fair

Food: Excellent

My overall analysis and recommendation: Great place to stop for lunch(breakfast menu also looked amazing) for a familiar meal or something less so in the vain of Turkish fare. Only issue may be parking during a busy lunch time.

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