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Do you like burgers? Or do you just LOVE them? 

I love burgers and I am a fan of many food TV shows that chase down the best in burgers. A few weeks ago I wrote on a new show, The Great Burger Quest!

Luca and I have been friends for several years. He is the owner of Luca’s Mediterranean Café in Keene New Hampshire. I love Luca. And I love all that he does. I have written about his undertakings in the culinary world, posted his videos, and embraced and supported his mission with Culinary Journeys.

Luca has been one of those guys who gives away lots of credit to others, but he is instrumental in seeing our community here in Keene, change for the better.  

And my friend Aaron is another guy who has his eyes set on doing some very cool things. The owner of 360Monadnock, he puts together some awesome videos. These videos show businesses at their best and are beautiful. 

Luca and I first talked about the burger quest in 2018. I looked through my notes and found the time of what he wanted to do with this. He credits Aaron for making this a reality. (Aaron is more than the guy behind the camera.) And so it has begun. 

You are going to see a lot of these from them as they have their sights set on putting together 52 of these in our state of New Hampshire this year. WOW! 

Here are the most recent videos from the guys at the Great Burger Quest

Aaron’s Curveball!

The Great Burger Quest, Episode Four, Local Burger, Keene, NH

The Great Burger Quest, Episode Three, Elm City Brewing Company, Keene, NH

The Great Burger Quest, Episode Two, Street & Savory Kitchen

The Great Burger Quest – Machina Arts Bar & Kitchen

You are all caught up! 
“The Great Burger Quest” with Chef Luca Paris sponsored by Shiner Bock
“Have a Bock and a Burger!”

Join Chef Luca as he and Aaron Kelly from 360Monadnock venture out into New Hampshire and share with you the great burgers this state has to offer.  

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Positive News For You will continue to bring you more on The Great Burger Quest as it travels.