The Monadnock Business Expo-Bring Folks Together

Enter into the Expo
Enter into the Expo

The Monadnock Business Expo began the weekend on a sunny Friday afternoon. The weather was great. Year 2 of this great show. Begun by Swanzey businesswoman, Pam Wilder of Silver Direct, the first year was to get businesses out there after all the COVID challenges businesses had encountered. Taking from last year, she has collaborated with many others to make this year’s expo bigger and better. 


Located at the Swanzey Fairgrounds, not only is there a big tent that houses the businesses, but there is a craft show on Saturday, and a car show on Sunday. Add in entertainment, food and drink, demonstrations, and prizes, and this is a great show to be at. 


For the record, they had me at “car show”! 


I was there last year, and it was great to connect with so many previous participants.


This year they were offering $2 off for a donation to the Community Kitchen here in Keene. When you first entered, they had a tent set up. I had a great conversation with Andrea, with my promise to let more people know about volunteering.


From there I walked by all the great equipment from Phil’s Tree Service. My first stop before entering the tent was to talk to both Pam, and my friend, CJ from Monadnock Ford, another sponsor, and promoter of the car show.


I entered the tent, and my friend MaryLee’s company, Water-Fire-Mold Restoration Services, was there. TD Bank was next, and I had a great conversation with the folks there. Continuing down the line, I spoke to the folks of an area restaurant, Granita Enoteca. (I even entered a drawing.)


From there, I saw my friend, Melissa, with the booth for Monadnock Peer Support. (They do great work in the community of Keene!) Wilder Excavating was around the corner, and one of the owners had her little baby. That is definitely a wonderful way to get people to visit your booth. (Not long after after, I saw grandmother, Pam, walking around with the little one.)

Food booths at the show

Food booths at the show


BeezeTees, was next on my list. My friend Megan was there. These folks did all our apparel for our company. 12 years in business. (Today, I spent some time with the owner, Tim Pipp.) Yesterday, Tom from Monadnock Retirement Solutions was busy, but I grabbed his card at the next booth. Today, I was able to talk to both him and Dave, a friend of mine. And they were busy. 


Why a show like this? 
Some businesses show up to gather sales, while others are keeping their name out there. The combination of both business and retail folks coming through makes it interesting for sure. Some businesses cross-promote while others may be in one camp or another.


Kevin from Granita Enoteca demo

Kevin from Granita Enoteca demo

I am grateful that Pam is in year 2 with this show.


I talked to Chuck with Pathways of Keene, the “oversight” of our biking and hiking trails and promoter of alternative transportation. (Keene is considered the most walkable community in New England.) I jumped over to CVTC and MRCC, a nonprofit that does rideshare. 


All the while running into folks including President & CEO of the Greater Keene and Peterborough Chamber, Luca Paris!  

I then spent some time with Chelsea and Kristina, of Moco Arts here in Keene. A great organization and I even learned more about them and some of the things they do. Moving next door, was Audra, of Restoring Eden, a holistic community health center. A little further down was Annie of Edward Jones. (I met her and Mallory last year and found they had made the move they discussed with me last year.)


You may notice that there are a lot of different businesses here. Business to business and business to “retail” and many as I said earlier in the crossover position. And many have seen the market change in the last year, whether it be economy, the employment world or an increase/decrease in what they were doing a year ago.


The next row started with Adventure Limousine and Transportation. They had their fleet outside, and I spent some time with Karissa. Who doesn’t love a pink limo? Crossing over I connected with the Children’s Dentistry of Dublin. After talking to John, I headed over the Keene Lions Club. I love what this group does. An enjoyable conversation with some great people.


So many of these businesses are participative in events and things that change their community. (And if you or your organization are doing things like this, send your information to us!)


I ran into Mike and Pete from Great Eastern Radio, and we will be connecting on some of their promotions, including “Cans in the Colonial” and “Pink Pint Night.” Moving down the row today, I connected with Joe from Millipore. And at the end, the folks of Savings Bank of Walpole (Full disclosure-where I do banking.) and while we were talking, I sent my friend Jaime their way.


Richard with his custom knives

Richard with his custom knives

Today, I went back over to see the crafters and see what else was new. A lot more is going on. And I ran into several friends while I was there. Events often bring people together and that alone is one of the best things we can embrace.


Small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities, statistically circulating nearly 70% of monies in their communities, keeping taxes close to home. And 52% of them donate to local charities.


When I first got near the tent, it was great to see both Monadnock Ford and Fenton Family Dealerships represented. Thanks to both these great car folks!


And on the other side of the fair while walking back to take some pictures of some vehicles from Adventure, I found a beautiful and stunning floral display by the family owner, Cheshire Floral Farm.


Today, I went back to see the crafters. I found some unusual pieces. And I tend to be drawn to those.


I ran into Richard who makes some amazing custom crafter knives. I wish my grandson had been with me! Beautiful! 

Then I visited Deb Caplan with LineScapes. She had a stunning array of line drawings. As her site says, “Black & white and hand-colored prints of Peterborough, NH, the Monadnock Region & beyond, that capture the familiar and unique.”


From there I connected with John and My Nuttys. His nuts-and-bolts creations had my attention with both the motorcycles and the drummers. Very cool!


Egg Mania art eggs

Egg Mania art eggs

And finally, I ran into the amazing booth of artist Maureen L. R. Bloesch, a 79-year-old artist who showed up with these amazing eggs! ” When I see an egg, it doesn’t just inspire me to eat one, it inspires me to create something beautiful. Gems crystals, earrings, and pins all add to the already intriguing beauty of the egg. I can envision a cameo set centered on an egg that’s cut to look like a flower when opened to reveal a soft gathered fabric within. Pearls and crystals, set on an egg, create a vision of royalty. Colors add a tickle to the senses. When I add music to an egg, it’s to let you, the buyer, have that opportunity to pass into the fantasy land that I created, just for you. M.L.R.B.


Folks, it was and is a great show. Lots of folks put a lot of energy into this. If you are in the area, check it out. 

That was my last few days! I will be back for the car show tomorrow!


If your business was featured here and you want to take advantage of our Business Showcase. We welcome you and support you. And if you think you might be interested in more of what we do or interested in supporting what we do, I hope you will reach out to us. (And we are always looking for “experts in their field.”)


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