The Sign Wars Are Going More Rounds In Keene New Hampshire

Since the first day, I saw the signs of Christiansburg Virginia, I knew it was something I wanted to see happen in my hometown.

Instead of advertising the latest deals, local businesses are using their outdoor signage to take aim at other businesses — some good-natured teasing aimed at nothing more than producing some laughs in these trying times.

That’s how it began. {{more}}

In a world that seemed to face “doom and gloom” on a daily basis, the Sign Wars, have changed people’s perspective and their outlook. Funny, witty and provocative, these signs have helped people have a bit of fun.

Today, I was driving on one of the roads in our community, and these two local businesses were “sparring” with one another. TPI Staffing and Kickboxing Keene are the latest contenders.

I am sure there is more to come. Feel free to follow the Keene Sign Wars and let the folks “fighting” know you are a supporter!

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