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Car Keys and Small Change Day

What do car keys and small change have in common? They are both often kept in pockets, of course! Today we celebrate pockets and all they have done to make our lives easier throughout the years. A few holiday sites claim that the day takes place on February 28 because pockets were invented on that day in 1590, but we were unable to substantiate this claim.

Pockets are found on clothing but are also on other things such as backpacks. Their name comes from an Old French word that means pouch. Cloth and leather pouches, the forerunners to pockets, date back to ancient times. For example, around 3,300 BCE, the Iceman carried things in a pouch that was attached to his belt.

By the thirteenth century, “fitchets” were being used in Europe. They were similar to pockets and were accessed through slits in tunics. By the sixteenth century, pockets were used on waistcoats and trousers; they became more popular throughout the century. Beginning in the seventeenth century, women were using removable pocketlike pouches similar to purses. These were usually concealed, being tied between petticoats and skirts. In contrast, pockets were sewn onto men’s clothing and could be seen from the outside.


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