Travel bookings in the palm of your hand by mobile revolution

The mobile revolution is putting travel in the palm of your hand – quite literally. However, the most crucial part of the travel shopping process – bookings – are lagging behind, according to a new PhoCusWright report.Transformative new smartphone platforms are quickly changing the way consumers interact with travel brands. Apps, mobile Web sites and SMS alerts are bringing everything from trip planning and maps to itinerary management and social sharing to the mobile platform.{{more}}However, the most crucial part of the travel shopping process – bookings – are lagging behind. M-commerce will eventually become as commonplace as online shopping, but for now there is still a long way to go.Despite advanced mobile devices like the iPhone making headlines almost daily, the majority of travelers are not yet using their phones to make travel reservations according to The PhoCusWright Consumer Technology Survey Third Edition. Travel companies, however, would do well to pay close attention to the small but enthusiastic minority who are using their mobile devices for advanced travel-related activities. These early adopters tend to be young, arguably hip and, most importantly, frequent travelers.U.S. travel industry bookings will reach US$291 billion in 2010 and online transactions will top $90 billion. PhoCusWright’s Mobile: The Next Platform for Travel report projects mobile bookings to reach $160 million during the same period. While mobile booking is still in its infancy, there is vast growth potential for mobile applications that drive bookings and revenue. Travel companies that build effective mobile strategies to target early adopters will be in prime position to lead the coming mobile revolution in travel

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