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Happy Tuesday!

Today is… Information Overload Awareness Day

Information Overload Awareness Day, sometimes known informally as Information Overload Day, is an observance that calls attention to the problem of the overload of information in the workplace, and how both individuals and organizations are impacted by it. Everyone, especially knowledge workers, is almost always connected to the internet, a computer, and a smartphone. New information is continually coming in through emails, text messages, instant messages, social media, and websites. With so much information coming in, less time is spent on each piece, and relevant information gets clouded by that which isn’t necessary or is less important. It becomes difficult to sift through the information, and people become overwhelmed and overloaded. They have a harder time processing, making decisions, and completing tasks. They don’t have time to reflect, think, and generate new ideas. The information causes interruptions to take place. The recovery time—the amount of time it takes to get back on task—is usually longer than the actual length of the interruption. Ultimately, information overload may negatively affect the economy and the health of workers.

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