Two Fruits and A Nut Farm Wines-What Makes Them Different?

Twin Fruits and a Nut Farm Wines Farm House
Twin Fruits and a Nut Farm Wines Farm House

Two Fruits And A Nut Farm Wines


A winery is more than just a place to produce and enjoy wine; it is a symphony of sensory delights set against the backdrop of nature’s artistry. The beauty of a winery is woven into the very fabric of its surroundings. The architecture, often a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern elegance, stands as a testament to the timeless traditions of winemaking. A winery is a celebration of the senses, a sanctuary where the art of winemaking converges with the artistry of the natural world, creating an environment that is as enchanting as the wines it produces.

panoramic pic of Twin Fruits and a Nut Farm Wines

A panoramic pic of Twin Fruits and a Nut Farm Wines-taken by Paul and Jeanne Robbins

I reached out to the folks at Two Fruits and a Nut Farm Wines about all that they do to produce the great wines.

Here we go!

What inspired you to start your own business?

One owner always had been self-employed and had an entrepreneurial spirit even though she occasionally had secular jobs in the area when needed. The winery was a natural fit with a view toward her retirement.

Can you share the story behind the name of your business?

When we were deciding on a name we kind of threw out some ideas. This one stuck. It was a good fit in a couple of ways. The two fruits have references to both my sister-in-law and myself and the fact that we had a couple of fruit and nut trees on the property when we started. The nut was a nod to her late husband and Taymar, their nutty dog, who has also passed.

What values or principles do you believe set your business apart from others in the industry?

They enjoy all aspects of the wine and food industry. It’s not a job to them. It’s a desire to share good things with good people who are like-minded or just enjoy good, flavorful wines.

How do you envision your business making a positive impact on the community or industry?

We use foraged fruits that maybe otherwise would just go to waste. It makes us more creative to use what’s already available, and in turn, we have a smaller carbon footprint, especially with our bottle return/recycling program.

What is the driving force behind the products/services you offer?
The desire to share our products knowing they are high quality and many have no added sulfites which I believe is a healthier choice.

Could you tell me about a particularly memorable experience or success story related to your business?

We were told during the process a home-based winery wasn’t possible. Through research and perseverance we pushed on and though it was not an easy journey it was an achievable goal.

How do you see your business evolving in the next 5-10 years?

We are truly hoping to partner with a select few local restaurants that have a similar business model.

What challenges have you faced in running your business, and how did you overcome them?

One challenge was time. One owner was running a cleaning business, practicing real estate, and trying to open the winery. She decided to scale back on the cleaning and slowly reduced the residential accounts. She now only has business accounts that can be done at hours that fit my new schedule.

Entrepreneurs often juggle to do what they want to do!

Twin Fruits and a Nut Farm Wines-Brantley Blueberry Wine

Twin Fruits and a Nut Farm Wines-Brantley Blueberry Wine

Can you describe the team or individuals that contribute to the success of your business?

My whole family contributes greatly to my success. They support me emotionally and are always willing to give me honest feedback. My sister-in-law Brenda Finn is beside me foraging and processing the fruit. We have a lot of fun searching for resources that can supply what we need each season.

What steps do you take to ensure customer satisfaction and build long-term relationships?

We tell everyone don’t wait to drink the wines. It doesn’t benefit from aging in the bottle. It has already aged appropriately when it’s bottled. But should one not be perfect on opening I will always exchange it for another. 

How does your business incorporate sustainable or ethical practices?

We believe our business model is sustainable since we do use every nature provides each season. We always try to ask landowners for their permission whenever possible. Our community and neighbors are very supportive and generous. 

What is one thing you wish more people knew about your business?

We do reservations all week long when possible. If you want a Monday -Thursday reservation just text and we can usually make it happen. 

How do you stay inspired and motivated in the ever-changing world of business?

Covid was a real challenge and helped us to be more adaptable. As far as motivation- We love the winery and enjoy the people who come to visit, it’s really easy to stay motivated. 

Are there any exciting developments or projects on the horizon for your business that you’d like to share?

We are hoping to add more outdoor activities next summer season. This year the rain really made outdoor projects hard to complete. 

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Don’t give up.


Questions-related to wine.

What inspired you to start your own winery?

We started out making wine as a hobby. We researched prison wine and YouTubed our way through to a Google degree in home-based winemaking. Our friends and family liked it and asked why don’t you “do” this? So we did.

What sets your winery apart from others in the region?

A bottle of Midnight Walk from Two Fruits and a Nut

A bottle of Midnight Walk from Two Fruits and a Nut-Made from Natural Blueberry, Blackberry, Elderberry, and Mulberry.

We use foraged and or locally sourced fruits whenever possible and don’t add sulphites!

How would you describe the philosophy or guiding principles behind your winemaking process?

If we think we would enjoy or want something as a consumer we try to incorporate it as a business practice. We also try to keep costs down so we can stay competitively priced. 

Could you tell me about the unique characteristics of the terroir that influence your wines?

Because we use mostly local fruits and agricultural products we have a unique product. Maple wine for instance from our trees in our yard boiled over an outdoor fire pit gives our wine a light smoky undertone. The autumn berry wine is unique in that it is technically an invasive species that we have embraced as an abundant supply of sweet red tart berries that make an amazingly crisp fruit flavored wine. 

What grape varietals do you specialize in, and why did you choose them?

Again it’s what’s available in our local area. Concord, red globe, riverbank, and other fox grapes grow wild all over Cheshire County. We source what we find and make wine such as Blush Grape or Withered Grape.

Are there any unique wine-tasting experiences or events that you offer at your winery?

We offer private party gatherings for small events. We also offer Paint and Sip Parties and Gift Baskets as well as Gift Cards.

If you could share one piece of advice about appreciating and enjoying wine, what would it be?

Take time to try new wines. Fruit wines are not the same as grape wines. Many people often say “Wow! This doesn’t taste like wine!” That’s when we know we have succeeded.

That’s it! What a great place to visit. 

These folks have produced wines for all occasions and gift giving. 

My wife bought a bottle of their wine for my daughter as a gift. My daughter, Amy, loved it!

Business information

Two Fruits and a Nut Farm 

Address: 127 Thatcher Hill Rd, Marlborough, NH 03455

Phone: (603) 499-3992

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Email: twofruitsandanutfarm@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/twofruitsandanutfarm

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/twofruitsandanutfarm/

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