Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey

No. 1 National Bestselling Author Releases ‘Baby Steps Millionaires’ Jan. 11, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Becoming a millionaire can seem like a distant dream, but tens of thousands of people have accomplished it by following the Ramsey Baby Steps. Their inspirational stories are out today in Dave Ramsey’s latest book, “Baby Steps Millionaires,” published by Ramsey Press (ISBN: 9781942121596).

In his first trade book in eight years, Ramsey proves that anyone can become a millionaire — no matter their starting point. The No. 1 national bestselling author and host of “The Ramsey Show” tells real stories about ordinary people who spent years busting through barriers and digging out of debt so they could build wealth. Now, they’re millionaires.

“This is a book 30 years in the making,” Ramsey said. “I’ve coached millions of people on ‘The Ramsey Show’ over that last 30 years, and people come up to me all the time saying they’re millionaires because they followed the Ramsey Baby Steps. The stories of real Baby Steps Millionaires will show you this is really possible — because these millionaires are just like you!” 

“Baby Steps Millionaires” takes a deeper look at how Ramsey invests and builds wealth — and teaches readers how they can do the same. It also includes Ramsey Solutions’ “The National Study of Millionaires,” the largest study of millionaires ever done in North America.

“Baby Steps Millionaires” retails for $26.99 and is available here.

About Ramsey Solutions

Ramsey Solutions is committed to empowering people in the areas of money, business, leadership and personal development using biblically based, commonsense principles and education. Every day, Ramsey Solutions reaches millions with nationally syndicated radio shows and columns, No. 1 national bestselling books, products and courses, and industry-renowned podcasts and video channels. Ramsey Solutions’ world-class speakers and authors give inspiration, practical advice and hope to audiences across the country. Ramsey Solutions and its team of more than 1,000 are dedicated to doing work that matters. For more information, visit ramseysolutions.com.

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