Weekend Update 12/16/17

This has been a super busy week. Lots of great things going on. Each week I will bring you up to date with our latest changes and additions. These updates may include new pages, contests and more.

We truly appreciate you being here.

Thank you for your support.

Good things happening!

This week two pretty cool things happened. A friend of what we do, donated $150 to buy 10 bears to give to influencers in the community. We began giving those out on Thursday. The second thing is, I was met by a man who asked me if I was “that Positive News” guy. He bought bears for his girlfriend and the children. (These bears will go in the box at Athens Pizza in Keene, NH, where they will be collected for the Recycled Percussion Foundation and the children of New Hampshire.


  • Merchandise is in. We have a full inventory of Douglas bears, wearables and window wear.

    You will a lot of really cool items just in time for the Christmas season.

  • We have been invited to work on a weekly podcast in CT in 2018. More to come on that following our continued conversations.
  • New Shirt Styles coming out this week


  • We posted over 500 positive stories this week!
  • We went to 160 people on our Facebook page. Our group is over 40.
  • More people have subscribed to our daily newsletter. Send us your email in the comments below.

Pages & Posts Added!

In addition to our daily posts, we added an author page, an article entitled Put Giving Twists on Holiday Traditions, and this one, Recycled Percussion – 50 States, 12 Days To Raise Money For Children

Additionally, we have these pages.

Picture Galleries

Have you checked these out?

  • Bears, Bears and More Bears

    Did you buy one of our bears? Put a picture up here with you and the bear. (Try and get a sign or something that tells where you are!!!)

  • Christmas Tree Gallery

    People love Christmas trees and they would to see yours. (You can put up other Christmas lights and things here. Got videos?

  • Merchandise Around The World

    Where is our merchandise going? Around the world? To your workplace?

  • A Gallery of Positivity

    We would love to see your pictures and videos of people doing good things. You are seeing positive things every day. Share the goodness!

  • Does Your Pet Have Style?

    What’s your pet up to these days?

I am sure I have “forgotten” something but we will review next week!

How can you help us?

  • Talk well about us! Pray for us! Send us encouragement! (Give us feedback. Just don’t kill us!)
  • Share our website. Invite your friends and family to participate.
  • Share the stories. When you share a story you are changing the world
  • Participate in our Facebook Page and Group.
  • Send us stories, links and pictures.
  • Write stories about good things and send them to us!

How can you support us?

  • Buy our merchandise. A cup on a desk, a sticker on a car, a bear on the Eiffel Tower. All proceeds allow us to do more.
  • Advertise with us. You may be a business owner. (I am sure you know one.) We will do all we can to promote you.
  • Become a Sponsor. Whether you are an individual or a business, your sponsor dollars help us grow. We will promote businesses and list individuals who participate, even if only a $1 a month. (We don’t post the amounts.)
  • Put on Positive News events. It may be a “pay it forward” in the drive-through[contact-form to=”” subject=”Weekend Update 12/16/17″][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Website” type=”url”][contact-field label=”Message” type=”textarea”][/contact-form]

    or something god in the community.

I hope you have learned a little more about us. I hope we come to learn more about you.

Until next week!


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