Weekend Update 12/30/17

Happy New Year!

Okay-we are a couple of days early!

I truly appreciate you being here.

Thank you for your support.

Good things happening!

Last week we had our first outside writer come in. Briana Leighton from New Hampshire wrote a story about what is being done by one young woman to combat sex trafficking in the US. (Interested in writing?)

We have begun to actively move towards developing a nonprofit side to what we do. You can read about some of what we want to do here. Bear Project To Help Children


  • Merchandise is in. All new merchandise including shirts is here. Every shirt sens the message of positivity.


  • We went to 187 people on our Facebook page. Our group is at 45.
  • More people have subscribed to our daily newsletter. Send us your email in the comments below. Let us get the news to you every AM at 1!

Pages & Posts Added!

We have added lots of new pages and posts to better your life and give you a more positive outlook on life!

Pages added
Posts added (Does not include Daily)

Picture Galleries

Have you checked these out?

  • Bears, Bears and More Bears

    Did you buy one of our bears? Put a picture up here with you and the bear. (Try and get a sign or something that tells where you are!!!)

  • Christmas Tree Gallery

    People love Christmas trees and they would to see yours. (You can put up other Christmas lights and things here. Got videos?

  • Merchandise Around The World

    Where is our merchandise going? Around the world? To your workplace?

  • A Gallery of Positivity

    We would love to see your pictures and videos of people doing good things. You are seeing positive things every day. Share the goodness!

  • Does Your Pet Have Style?

    What’s your pet up to these days?

I am sure I have “forgotten” something but we will review next week!

How can you help us?

  • Talk well about us! Pray for us! Send us encouragement! (Give us feedback. Just don’t kill us!)
  • Share our website. Invite your friends and family to participate.
  • Share the stories. When you share a story you are changing the world
  • Participate in our Facebook Page and Group.
  • Send us stories, links and pictures/videos.
  • Write stories about good things and send them to us!
  • Need more? Check out this article!

How can you support us?

  • Buy our merchandise. A cup on a desk, a sticker on a car, a bear on the Eiffel Tower. All proceeds allow us to do more.
  • Advertise with us. You may be a business owner. (I am sure you know one.) We will do all we can to promote you.
  • Become a Sponsor. Whether you are an individual or a business, your sponsor dollars help us grow. We will promote businesses and list individuals who participate, even if only a $1 a month. (We don’t post the amounts.)
  • Put on Positive News events. It may be a “pay it forward” in the drive-throughor something good in the community.
  • Need a few more onramps. Check this out.

I hope you have learned a little more about us. I hope we come to learn more about you.

Until next week!

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