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So much going on…

And it is only the first quarter!

Like many in my age group, I have given a bit of thought to all that is happening about me. I do not pretend I have greater wisdom, better ideas or even great insight into all this. Now, before you write me off as lacking knowledge or think I don’t pay attention, I have been following the news since I was a child. (And for the last 30 years, I have been a bit of a news guy, when it comes to following what is going on; becoming a newspaper publisher, running radio stations, starting my first internet news magazine in 1996, etc.) {{more}}

I have opinions like everyone else, but really, my focus is more on being part of the solution. Like many of you, who participate in Do You Remember The 60’s, I have been around a day or so. I decided months ago that my company, my church fellowship and my personal life would be involved to the best of my ability.

When I was a child, we never thought “giving up” was an answer. We saw pioneers go to places like the moon, discover answers in medicine, tech, and industry. Like every young generation, we were idealists with more passion than wisdom some days.

We made mistakes but we never gave up. People often pulled together to help neighbors and friends when they were going through difficult times. We reached out. We did not pull in. We gathered and came together.

This crisis shook the world up.

If we are honest, I think many of us have taken the time to look at things differently. Some of those things have been forced on us a bit. Lines in stores, shortages, and masks.

They say the world will never be the same. Is that not the progression of life? What we do with what we have is what we have and can do. But we can change it. We can make it better.

You and I have plenty to offer. Plenty to bring to the table. Plenty to make the world better.

This morning, I thought, what is it I would bring into the next season of life, post-crisis? I am pretty sure it would be my family and my friends. I have missed two birthdays, with another one this Monday. My father-in-love’s funeral has been delayed.

Only yesterday, I asked my wife to go for a ride. We looked at the green grass growing, the daffodils and forsythias blooming, blue skies beckoning and no walls confining. It was only an hour. But it was our hour.

What is it we see that is good when so much seems out of control?

Here are some “lessons” I am recognizing from my youth.
  • Family is important. Friends a close second.
  • Being bored is not an option. There is always something I can use my time for. A class, a hobby, helping others.
  • Community is neighbors pulling together.
  • Count your blessings and be grateful.
  • “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” – Thumper
  • Put it back where you found it.
  • Treat the day as if it was your last.
I am sure there are many more.

Here we are. What can we change? What can we do?

I have decided if I can’t change it, I am not worrying about it. I am not going to give it space.

I long ago realized what it is I bring to the table. And I know it is more than enough.


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