When You Do Get Bad News

Bad news does happen. (Seems funny to talk about it on a positive news site.)

Yesterday, I received a devastating call from a friend, telling me about a mutual friend who was in serious trouble. It was very disturbing. In a week of what seemed like a “lot of that going around,” I was faced with my emotions. (And I also was in the middle of making dinner and expecting the family to walk through the door shortly.)

So what does one do when confronted with that? After 60 years, I may have got a handle on it.

I knew screaming and yelling would not be helpful. But I also had to process the anger and the sadness.

We all know life is not always easy. What comes at you may not be positive, uplifting or even fun. I can only tell you what works for me. Here are some tips I have figured out over the years and I hope they are helpful to you.

  • Change the scenery-Take a walk, get up and let calmness take over. I found myself doing some quick research and then putting it aside for a day. Don’t sit still and let it overwhelm you.
  • Take care of yourself-BREATHE, drink water, get some sleep or some light exercise. Know you may get tired and allow yourself to rest. Bad news can be challenging and tiring.
  • This is not a good time for drinking, drugging or binge eating.
  • Stay in the present. Hold on to now. Do not project or allow “conspiracies” to move you. Reevaluate the past.
  • Utilize past successful strategies. Reach out to your support, get counseling if needed.
  • Recognize there may be shock attached to the news. Last week, I received some really difficult news. I just had to go through it.
  • Find a different perspective. Sometimes this is one of the most successful places to be/
  • Ignore the half-truths as these help nothing.
  • BE HAPPY! Yes, it will be a choice, but a good one.

Those are what I have learned over the years. I have often thought about “preparing” for those times.

  • I learned about myself. How I respond (Or don’t respond.) is important. I have learned to take the walk or grab a power nap. I don’t dwell on “should have, could have” thinking.
  • I spend time outside. Going out to the edge of the woods. Being in nature.
  • Journal your situation out. I find writing helps me walk through things and gives me a new or refreshed perspective.
  • A day away changes everything. Sometimes I will just get in the car or grab my motorcycle and find a lakeside.
  • Finding a spiritual point in your life will help.

I hope these will prove helpful to you as you go through life and encounter difficult time.s

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