Why The Bears? Here’s Your Answer!

You are probably wondering “why the bears” and I want to answer that for you.

First, let me give you a quick history of Positive News For You. I began this as a hobby a few months ago. I thought an hour a day, and well now it is becoming a full-time job! (Anyone interested in a sales job?) Yesterday, I did a show with my grandson where he sold his crafts and I sold Positive News For You merchandise. Then I came through the door, ate a quick bite and my wife, daughter, and grandchildren headed to Massachusetts to see Bright Nights. Guess who was working at 11 PM last night?Over the last few weeks, I decided I wanted to let people know about us, and one of the ways I felt would work was by coming out with a line of merchandise that tells who we are. Shirts, sweatshirts, caps and more. I did that with the help of my friend, Tim’s company, Beeze Tees in Keene. He has a great guy who works with him. His name is Kyle and he did a great job helping me get a logo done, picking out what I wanted and just being awesome!

One night I was sitting here thinking about a next step. I wanted to spread the knowledge that there were positive stories out there with real people changing the world for their family, their friends and for their communities. (Believe me, when I started thinking about this project, I thought “how many cat and bay videos will I have to watch”. I realized in a week that would not be the case.) I was thinking about people spreading the knowledge that there was news out there, that was positive. All you had to do was find it. (A lot harder than I thought it was going to be. )

Then a “light bulb” moment. What if I had something that had our logo, what we were about and got people to take pictures of themselves (hopefully another) wearing our merchandise and seeing how far we could get it out there? I began to see people wearing our merchandise atop the Eiffel Tower, in front of the Pyramids and on the great wall of China. As well as stores, cars, and businesses! Why? Top open dialogs.

But I also have a huge heart for the children. For the young. And as I was reading one of our stories, there it was. A Teddy Bear! (I suppose he will need a name because everyone needs a name. Maybe Posi!) So, I looked online. I found them. But, I also believe in promoting your friends, your community, and your local business. “Hello, Kyle? (rememberKyle?) I need some bears.”

He could not beat the price, but he gave me bigger, more cuddly bears than the other company and besides…what are friends for? So, I bought them. On their shirts, they have our logo and the words, “I’m bear-y positive.

I am pretty happy. When I was a child, I carried a little yellow bear around. My daughter had a green bear, she named Minty. My wife had one she buckled into the seat and drove around for years with it.

Bears are fun and in this case, BEAR-Y cuddly!

Join us in the pursuit of positivity.

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