6-Month Special Promotion

We are going to celebrate our 6-month crossing with a bit of a sale. It is because of you that we are here. So we want to say thanks!

We really appreciate your support of Positive News For You and want to give you a little incentive for helping.

So, this is our initial offering and is subject to change as supplies dwindle. Or we add something killer cool!

Buy this for …

Positive Pink Breast Cancer T-Shirts $15 each (Regular $17.50) 3X-XXL-XL-L-M-S

I am a dad who watched my daughter go through the pain of breast cancer. In part because of her, I have developed this program. With each shirt sold, I send $5 to an area organization that provides transportation, gas cards, medical payments and more. My goal is to donate $5,000 from the proceeds of these shirts in 2018.

[wp_cart_button name=”6 month Breast Cancer T-Shirts” price=”25.00″ shipping=”0″ var1=”Size|3X Large|XX-Large|X-Large|Large|Medium|Small” var2=”Color|Pink”]

and pick any other shirt for $10. (X-Large, Large, Medium, Small) Fill out the form at the bottom

You can choose a shirt style from our Merchandise page.

We will still give money to a local organization helping folks with cancer.

The total including mail is $25 for the 2 shirts.

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