8 Connecticut Bars With Great Sound for Live Music

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We live in a weird reality right now. An abundance of businesses are closed as a result of this virus, from bars to hair salons, theaters, parks, casinos, malls, restaurant cafes, and time is creeping by while we wait for things to reopen. Meanwhile, we tightly grip to the hope that someday soon life will resume to normal, or whatever our new normal will be.

Something else that has been affected by the shutdowns is our schedules. Anyone else’s calendar resembles a used bingo card with all of the activities crossed off? As an artist, these cancellations hit me kind of hard… a lot of these events were art shows, large concerts, and local gigs for our band. {{more}}

While most people are anxious for a haircut, I am sitting at the edge of my seat waiting (im)patiently for the return of live music. I’ve noticed musicians are chomping at the bit to perform again, and as a band agent/manager, I am itching to get them booked. Now that we have to rework months-worth of gigs, I am taking my newly-freed up time to update notes on the venues and bars we play.

One of the helpful lists I recently created was of Connecticut bars that offer really good sound. If you are a performer or have gone to a show as an audience member, I am sure you have noticed that if there is a lot of feedback, buzzing, and hissing, and the overall sound is terrible, it is very distracting and can trash the experience for everyone involved. Finding a good venue with the right sound is a treasure. But where are these places?

Don’t fret! (See what I did there?!) Here is a list of 8 venues in Connecticut that can provide satisfactory sound (recommended by gigging musicians in the CT music scene):

  1. Bleachers Bar- 300 Middle St, Bristol
  2. Shamrock Pub and Grill- 210 Meadow St, Waterbury
  3. Blackstone Irish Pub- 1678 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike, Southington
  4. Tipping Chair Tavern- 1783 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike, Southington
  5. Carmine’s Bar Grill Stage- 389 Main St, East Hartford
  6. Mags Pizza Bar and Grill- 15 Klarides Village Dr, Seymour
  7. Toad’s Place/The Lilly Pad- 300 York St, New Haven
  8. The Acoustic- 2926 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport

Lori Lebel

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