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On the days where the sun is shining and I can feel the warm rays on my skin. The days where the clouds are those perfect fluffy clumps of cotton candy in the baby blue sky. The days where the wind is present but doesn’t chill you to your very core. The days where the temperature is high 60’s to low 70’s, not too cold but not too hot either. These are days I love the very most. As I sit here writing, it is one of those perfect days. Something is missing and yet it doesn’t seem so far away at all.

Days like today, I wake up with the urge to explore or dive into project mode. With the current state of the world, I have nothing but time on my hands. I am not tethered to a punch-in clock. There is no such thing, as it normally would go in early spring, where on a nice sunny weekend I am spending all of my time at my day job missing out on all the fun in the sun. Having to wait for those final hours of sunlight at one of my favorite spots before the stars come out. No, instead this is the weekend I am off and I am free to explore and do all the things I love to do. Like sipping an ice-cold craft brew at one of my brew friends. Sitting on their patios. Drinking in the newly planted beer gardens. Sipping my brew while in awe of the amazing view of mountains and water. Perhaps on weekends like this, Tia (my fur baby) and I went to the lake and spent all day on the water and now it was time to gather with friends at the local watering holes that allow her to tag along with me. Yep, that is what a weekend like today would have been prior to COVID-19. I am sure you are thinking the same thing. But make no mistake, this article is not about what once was, or should be. Nor is it an article about complaint. NOPE!, I am not about that. This is an article about what is and what is good now. {{more}}

Since the stay home order has been in place; I have tried to use my time wisely. I have been completing various home projects, writing more, hosting virtual trivia from my home into all of yours. Ryan aka The Ginger Hiker, (@TheGinger.Hiker) my husband and I have been exploring nature together. I have been designating one day a week to gather up my craft brews from my brewing friends. It has been all about family for me. Be that my brew family, my physical family or my friends. I have been taking this time to spend with them. You see before COVID-19, I was a workaholic as is my husband. There was never enough time. Now, all we have is time. This is the time to re-evaluate what is important.

I have been witnessing the world around me change through this pandemic. Through these hard times have come greatness! Our community has come together in ways unimaginable, through a time where it could be so easy to drive a wedge between us all. Every week I am flooded with overwhelming emotions over it all. Seeing how all of you are coming out in support of one another, and our local businesses warms my soul. I sit on my porch sipping on my craft brews, soaking up the warm rays. I scroll through my news feed on my phone. I see photos and videos of the people in the community, supporting the local businesses that have been supporting all of us for years. The businesses that sponsor sporting teams, fundraisers, schools, and so much more. Even now I am witnessing these businesses continue to support the community through food drives and meal deliveries for essential workers. Production halts to alter their business dynamic. Even more than that, I have witnessed businesses who are able to stay in operation through this, find a way to support those who cannot be in operation.

I might not be sitting in a beer garden surrounded by friends. Hearing the laughter of strangers all around me. No, but the laughter is heard. The smiles are shining. I sit here on my front porch and the memories of the people being together are there. I can hear them as if they were next to me at this very moment. There truly is no place like home. Home to me is the community that we live in. No matter what side of the border I am on. I am toasting all of my friends, to their efforts through this. I know that one day we will all be able to sit with each other at our favorite watering hole. As we all sit together, we will be telling the story of COVID-19. We will be crying, laughing, but most importantly we will be together. I hope that we remember how we were never not together in heart and spirit. I hope that we forever remember our neighbors. I hope we forever remember how this brought us more together now than we were ever before.

I hope that we toast to the future together.

Till next time. Cheers Friends.

– Sarah E. Blair

Added Note:I just want to say thank you to everyone for doing your part through this. I know that it is not easy. Be it you are on the front lines, working in the medical facilities. Working in the stores to keep us all stocked with food and supplies. Thank you to our postal workers for ensuring our packages and mail arrive. Thank you to our truck drivers for your long hours, and long road trips. Thank you to our factory workers, for continuing to assemble the things we need to survive. Thank you to our housekeepers for keeping us all clean and safe. Thank you to our trash removal servicemen for removing our waste. Thank you to the utility workers for maintaining our services. Thank you to our local businesses that are able to stay open for finding ways to alter your businesses to continue supporting the community. Thank you to the businesses that are shut down, we know this is not easy. Thank you to everyone for taking precautions while staying in support of the community. Thank you to everyone who is staying home. In general Thank you to YOU ALL!, because we are all in this together. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and we appreciate you all. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Remember to support your local businesses. If you are seeking out delicious craft brews and want to do a virtual toast with me. Please visit a brewery, winery or distillery near you. Tag @CountryBrewTour #AleAboard and I will toast you back.


#NHBeerTrail -Elm City Brewery, Frogg Brewery, Branch and Blade Beer Co., West LA Beer Co., Granite Roots Brewery, and The Outlaw Brewing Co.

#DrinkVermontBeer – Hermit Thrush Brewery, Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery, Madison Brewery, Harvest Brewing, Trout River Brewery, and Beer Naked Brewery.

Cheers to all of you Friends.

-Sarah E. Blair

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