A Dream To See Change For The Better

Super Saturday
Super Saturday-Make it a great day


A dream to see change for the better.

Happy Saturday!

Today is Dream Day! 


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How to Observe Dream Day

The day can be observed in Costa Rica, where it started, or in your own community. If you are able to travel to Costa Rica, you could visit the Bench of Dreams. There you are encouraged to put a stone in each of your hands, close your eyes, press your hands together, and dream. What should you dream about? You should dream for a better world and “to solve the [world’s] remaining problems and achieve a peaceful, united human family on Earth.” You could also visit the nearby University for Peace. If you aren’t able to mark the day in Costa Rica, you could create a “Bench of Dreams” in your own community, and make your dreams for a better world there. You could also mark the day by reading one of Robert Muller’s books.

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