Discover the Unique Magic of Tamarack Lodge and Glamping Resort

Tarack Lodge
Nestled in the picturesque town of Voluntown is Tamarack Lodge.

Nestled in the picturesque town of Voluntown, CT is Tamarack Lodge.

Discover the Unique Magic of Tamarack Lodge and Glamping Resort

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Voluntown, Connecticut, Tamarack Lodge is a secret treasure waiting to be discovered.  Beyond being the location for special events, Tamarack Lodge is also a fantastic school for troubled kids.  At the Lodge, kids that have learning disabilities, emotional challenges or problems at home are offered an alternative approach to learning. Instead of sitting in a classroom, they are provided with a hands-on learning experience- they build skills, gain training and experience in the trades, and learn organic gardening and culinary skills. With this approach, the kids experience a 98% success rate in completing their academic studies and graduating from high school, where in a public high school system they would fall through the cracks. 

Tamarack Lodge has a school for kids who otherwise would not do well in public school.

The Lodge has been working hard to provide a quality education for these kids. But with the current state of the economy, it has become increasingly difficult for them to keep up with the costs of running their program. The Lodge staff is now looking for ways to raise money so that the program can continue to grow and flourish. One of their ideas is to make Tamarack Lodge a destination for entertainment, such as concerts and other events. 

Tamarack gets the community involved in most of what they do.

“Many events have been hosted at Tamarack since 2018, including the Music Fest and Motorcycle Poker Run to benefit local charities,” says Cici lliff of their event planning team.  “Recently, owners Pam and Joe Potemri are amping up the community events to highlight Tamarack Lodge as a destination for dining, entertainment, weddings, retreats, corporate and private parties and eventually upscale luxury glamping on their beautiful and enchanting grounds.”

The Lodge offers a beautiful backdrop to weddings and other parties.

Tamarack Lodge provides a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone who visits. Its close proximity to nature, combined with its cozy and rustic yet glamorous and enchanting atmosphere, creates a sense of community, peace and tranquility. This is why musicians love to play there, as the setting is perfect for both indoor and outdoor performances. Moreover, all the events held at Tamarack Lodge benefit the community in some way. Whether it’s through donations of money, raising awareness about a cause, or bringing people from all over together to relax, eat, dance and sing – Tamarack Lodge is an invaluable asset to the local community.

Tamarack hosts music festivals and concerts on their grounds.

This year, Tamarack Lodge is proud to host its inaugural Tamarack Trunk Treasures event. They are looking for vendors who specialize in antique, vintage, shabby chic or uniquely handcrafted items to join them on the property. They can bring their vehicles and use the lawn as their spot or can even set up a booth inside to display their goods or services. The Lodge is also expecting vendors to join them at their music festivals and other events, selling a wide range of items, from art and jewelry to cooking supplies, pet supplies and more.  

Tamarack Trunk Treasure is looking for vendors!

Here is a list of upcoming events you can get involved in:

  • Every Friday evening during the year, we have amazing acoustical performances to complement our fabulous food offerings. Dinner starts at 5:30 and the music runs from 6:30 to 9:30 pm in our rustic and relaxing restaurant. A crackling cozy fire in the giant open hearth fireplace in the lobby welcomes guests to kick back, relax and enjoy the food and entertainment on chilly winter days and the whole year through.
  • Country Music Fest is planned for Saturday, May 27 featuring Nick Bosse and the Northern Roots, Nick Casey and others
  • Tamarack Trunk Treasures on Saturday, June 17 where vendors can display and sell their antique, vintage, shabby chic or unique handcrafted items (see attached call for vendors)
  • On Sunday, July 23, will host the Tamarack Twisted Trails 5 K Color Run along the beautiful and enchanting trails of Tamarack Lodge and the Voluntown Peace Trust – 100% of net proceeds from this event will benefit 4 local nonprofit organizations – Veterans Rally Point (Veterans), Bags of Hope (Children in Foster Care), Reliance Health (Mental Health & Wellness) and TriCircle (creating long term solutions for individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction)
  • Bourbon, Brews and Blues will be our August feature with music from 3 very popular R&B, Souls and Blues bands including Souls on Fire and F & Blues and a portion of proceeds will also benefit a local cause.
  • In September, on Saturday the 2nd (Labor Day weekend) our Tamarack Music Fest will be host to Mullett (a very popular 80s Hair band), Back in Black a fantastic tribute to AC/DC and Everybody Wants Some, a favorite New England Van Halen tribute band. Again, a portion of proceeds will be directed to a local charity.
  • To feature our venue as a destination for weddings, we will host a huge Bridal Expo on Sunday, October 1, with vendors from all over New England and beyond, giveaways will include prizes, goody bags and a honeymoon!
  • On Saturday, October 7, plans are underway for ROCKtoberfest. This multi-band event will benefit a scholarship fund in memory of two members of Wooden Horse (an amazing Crosby, Stills and Nash tribute band) who recently passed away.

Perfect place to come and enjoy an afternoon of music!

Tamarack Lodge is a great example of how a community can come together to ensure that all its members, no matter the circumstances, receive the education they deserve. The Lodge has provided a unique learning experience to the kids of Connecticut Coastal Academy and given them the skills they need to succeed. We hope that they can continue to provide this invaluable service to the community and with the help of the community, continue to raise the money they need to keep their program running.

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Sense of community.

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