Apple Picking in New England

When I was a child we had apple trees in our yard. When this time of year we would climb the tree and grab the apples. Bringing them in (Well, the ones that made it in.) my mom would often turn them into applesauce.

Over the years, I have taken my family apple picking. I love it. Park the car. Get a bag or basket and begin the process of tracking down the apples.

This weekend was no different. My grandson Jacob asked if we could pick apples and we agreed.

My wife and I planned it for Sunday afternoon at a local orchard called Alyson Orchards. We drove up and as we approached the long driveway, you could see the line of cars headed up the hill. Climbing the long hill, the beautiful foliage of New Hampshire and Vermont were visible in the Connecticut River Valley.

We slowed as we got to the top and looked for a place to park in the busy location. As we walked past the small petting zoo, people were enjoying the views, the sounds and the smell of this beautiful orchard.

We went and purchased the bag for our apples. They offered us a map of the type of apples and where they were located. (Did you know “There are approx 5000+ varieties of apples? You will need 20 years to taste all of them.” CipherFacts) We headed out, going south, because Jacob, my grandson, had a plan. He had some special apples he was seeking. (Want to know more about apples?) We walked down the rows, while other visitors took the horse-drawn carts to get to apples further away.

Trying a few apples along the way, we found Jacob’s favorites. (Honey Crisp) After he got his share, we picked some Mcintosh and Jacob picked some Cortlands for my brother, Larry. We wandered around enjoying the outdoors, the beauty and the views.

My brother was surprised at Jacob’s generosity and him remembering Larry’s favorite apples. Together the two of them made applesauce out of some of the apples.

Why does a trip to an apple orchard become positive news? Because when a family does something that is fun, healthy and helpful to a local business, in this case, I feel that we have a win-win. Add the thousands and thousands of people who are participating in this endeavor and this is a powerful statement.

Healthy family’s mean healthier communities. And to me…that is good news.


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