Why Be Positive?

Image result for why be positiveYou can find a lot of information on the reasons for being positive. For having an optimistic outlook on life. I read articles every day. They often talk about not complaining, be grateful and how this benefits not only your mental health but your physical health.

I think those things are all valuable. Better health is high on my list of Lifestyle thoughts. Not being depressed another.

But, what about this? What about changing the world we live in? What about seeing the world as a better place for those who are young? About seeing people’s smiling faces and sparkling eyes? About places in your world where the idea of worry is removed?

I do. Those things are part of the reason I do what I do here with Positive News For You. (Today, I read through some of our articles and the story about a man making prosthetic limbs in his backyard, makes me wonder how many unsung heroes are out there that most newsrooms do not have time for because they do not make money on them. Fear does sell and that is proven each day by the constant stream of negativity that attempts to fill our devices, living rooms, and minds.)

What happens when you begin to create an environment in your home, your workplace and your community that is positive, caring and intent on the now in a way that affects the future for the good?

I think it is important that we begin to lay the foundation in our thinking, our words, and our actions. Whether it is being kind in store, paying it forward, great customer service or helping others, we can change things.

If you are the kind of person who wants to change things, I hope you join us.

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