Bowling is Right Up Our Alley!

Over 20 lanes at Yankee Lanes
Over 20 lanes at Yankee Lanes. Right up our alley.

Bowling. Find a place that is up your alley.


When I was a kid, my dad used to bowl. He belonged to two leagues. One was a 10-pin league and the other a duck-pin league. I would sit there and watch. The camaraderie and bright bowling shirts. The smell of beer, food, and cigarettes in the air. I would watch them cheering each other on. 


As I got older, my mom joined a teacher’s league on Friday afternoons. I would join her and was offered a job cleaning at the lanes which gave me free bowling, food, and drink. I began to bowl on a Saturday morning league with other kids. I loved it. Each week, I would go bowling for a few hours to practice. 


As I got older, I joined leagues. And after I hit the ice cream store to hang some more and eat massive quantities of sugar. And then things changed, and I stopped with leagues, but I still got the occasional game in with a child or a grandchild. 


Getting together with people. If you follow my writings, getting together with people and having fun, are high on my list of things to do. Read a little further and you will see that I am big on family and friends, and doing things that bring people together. A few weeks ago, it was mini golf with my grandchildren.  


The pandemic has messed with people. It has hurt relationships and businesses. Lots of people are looking for things to do. With my grandson being here as much as he is with school and such, I was looking for something to do this summer. (We do a lot of things locally, including ball games with the Swampbats!) 


Jacob at Yankee Lanes

Jacob at Yankee Lanes

I knew he liked to bowl. Over the years, I have taken my grandchildren bowling and had birthday parties at the lanes. 

One day, I was driving by and saw “free summer bowling” for kids. 


I checked their website and found they were part of a national program. Kids Bowl Free. I went there and signed him up. Two games a day, weekdays. I found I could sign up as well for a small fee and did. And we began.  


Wherever you live, you can plug in with an area bowling alley. The process is simple and even comes with a phone app (Or you can print things out for the week.) that is easy to use. All lanes have shoes for rent do not have your own. (Or you can buy a pair in their pro shop.) 


Our local bowling place is Yankee Lanes here in Keene.  

Their website says: 
Yankee Lanes is the best place in Keene to have fun for kids and adults alike. Clean, family friendly atmosphere, with plenty of lanes for even the biggest parties. Check out and download our menu! Check out the calendar for info on all the leagues running during the year, or check out our Daily Specials for more ways to come and enjoy the lanes! 

Come and make some new friends! Or make some new memories with old friends! 

Make sure to check the calendar for all the Exciting events happening at the Lanes! 

See you on the lanes! 


They offer bowling, shoe rentals, a pro shop, a small arcade, and food.  


Jacob and I have been going over there and I know he is bringing friends with him over the next few weeks. We have had a wonderful time together. We have a little competition, encouragement and fun. 


Yankee Lanes works hard in our community to bring family and friends together. Here are some of the things they are offering. 


Bowling-With 20 plus lanes, they have a lot of programs, and specials, as well as league offerings. Offering programs for unlimited bowling, with or without shoe rentals, special programs, and some geared for family and friends that include food and a whole lot more. They also offer a popular Galactic Bowl; with bowling, shoes, music, and lights!  


Food-Their “snack” bar has a good menu, that includes pizza! 


Birthday party for a child? Or anyone! My grandchildren have had a number of parties here over the years. It includes bowling, shoe rentals, and food. This is a great way to celebrate and have someone else do the cleanup! 


Pro Shop-You may fall in love with the game and need some equipment. Buy Local!!! 

Yankee Lanes is well kept and well maintained. It is clean and welcoming. I have been there a lot over the years and have always found people to be helpful and willing to help. 


Jacob and I are going to spend a lot of time together at Yankee Lanes this summer. I am grateful that they are here. 

So, if you are looking for an activity that can get everyone involved, check out bowling! 


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