Family Fun With Monster Trucks In Swanzey New Hampshire


As the trucks roar to life, the crowd rose to their feet and cheered.
My grandson just turned 14 and over the years he has traveled to car shows, races, and motorcycle races with me, but this past weekend, I had made arrangements for us to be at a Monster Truck Show in Swanzey New Hampshire. I had sent him the event (I had invited another grandson who loves monster trucks, but he was unable to make it.) and he told me he was interested in going. I bought the tickets. We made Friday an overnight and Saturday made our preparations for the 1 PM show. {{more}}
Earlier in the week, the weather was showing a nearly 50% chance of rain, so I picked up some ponchos and the necessary ear protection.
I woke him at 9 and we headed out to grab a coffee before we left. Came home and checked in on my convalescing wife and then took off to the show. The gates opened at 11:30 AM for our tickets and there was already a sizable crowd in line. Our tickets were digital, so once the line started moving it was fairly quick into the fairgrounds.
As we walked in, the trucks were in the “pit” where VIP tix allowed people in to get special photos and extras, etc. (Next year I will be buying the VIP tix, but by the time I was able to make arrangements for us, almost all tickets were sold out.) The sponsor, Fenton Dealerships had cars displayed and they had a booth set up. Other booths included a Monster Truck ride, food, and drinks, merchandise, and face painting.

We went into the arena area and climbed up to the highest bleachers. We were going to wait for an hour before the show started, but it gave us the time to hang out and talk. (Oh, yeah, and listen to music!) The stands filled up and at 1 the MC started the show. The trucks came out and parked in front of everyone.
Prayer, The Star-Spangled Banner (Sung by his 8-year-old son), observance of veterans, first responders (Police, fire, and rescue), nurses, teachers, and truck drivers. And then, “Gentleman, start your engines.” They demonstrated the ignition cutout switch safety. 3 of these were in the hands of the MC and judges, that was a truck to run out of control or a driver become incapacitated they could shut all vehicles down.
And then the fun began. Family fun!
5 trucks, cars to crush, and jumps to jump. Wheelie contests, races, and freestyle. The drivers waved to the crowd, the trucks roared and the people cheered and clapped. I watched parents and children alike jumping to their feet. (And everyone cheered the 5-year-old “monster truck” driver.)
During the 15-minute intermission (The show is about 2 hours.) I spoke to one of the nearby parents who was with his son and wife. His 4-year-old had ear protection on and loved it. Mom came back with a flag and food. The food eaten; the checkered flag waved for the rest of the show.
The company is called SC Monster Truck Madness. This is from their Facebook page. “SC Monster Truck Madness is a Monster Truck event located mainly in the Carolina’s. Specializing in affordable family fun!”
As the show came to an end, I asked Jacob if he would want to do this again. His answer… “Can we come back tonight?” (Tickets were sold out. and my daughter was taking us out for an early Mother’s Day dinner.)
Lee and Jacob spend a lot of time together. They have a Facebook page called Lee & Jacob Generations Together. Lee is the owner of Positive News For You and Jacob owns Jacob’s Jewelry.
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