The Great Burger Quest Is Traveling Around New Hampshire

Luca and Aaron
Luca and Aaron

The camera was rolling. The table was “set”. And the burger and fries were being delivered to the table. “Looking good” would be an understatement. 

The Great Burger Quest was being filmed, and I had the privilege of being there. They had just left filming a burger at Machina Arts Restaurant in Keene and had arrived at Street Savory, behind Modestman Brewery on Main Street in Keene New Hampshire. The burger to be eaten? A smashburger. (A house specialty and one of my favorites. What is in one?

While the camera panned, a smashburger and curly fries were placed on the table where Luca Paris, star and host of show awaited. Brought out by co-owners of Street Savory, Austin and Kayla, who had prepared the food, this food looked TASTY.

The weather was perfect for outside dining. A sponsor’s beer, Shiner Bock, sat alongside, as Luca dove in. It was evident that he was enjoying it. (You will have to wait for the video!)

Luca is a chef and owner of Luca’s Mediterranean Restaurant in Keene New Hampshire. He has been a winner on Guy’s Grocery Games and is a regular when it comes to promoting Keene, people and good food. 

The show was filmed by Aaron Kelly from 360Monadnock. (Have you seen his work? Awesome!) Aaron recently moved to the area and is developing a quality video and photography business.  

After the filming was completed, I sat down with Luca and Aaron and asked them some questions about The Great Burger Quest. Sitting outside, here was some of the conversation. 

I had spoken to Luca about this project 3 years ago and this was something he wanted to do. As to my “why now”, he said, it was because Aaron had come on board with the expertise (and the equipment.) and the willingness to move this project ahead. 

We then talked about burgers and what would the “definition” be. This quickly led the conversation to “what is a burger”. (Aaron defined it as a “meat” between two pieces of bread or bun.) Luca shared about his visit over to Machina’s as a different burger (With bacon, brie and caramelized onions and pears.) than the smashburger. Going forward it looks like Aaron’s definition may be the “definition” until, as I mentioned, they run into a veggie burger. (Which brought Austin into the conversation with thoughts on “veggie” and the “impossible” burger.) 

When asked about the possibility of recipes, the conversation opened up about the organic and progressive growth as well as the experience that each burger brings to the table. Luca shared how he used to “pick apart” a meal, but he learned to appreciate each eating experience as an individual time. That as he did these, he would not have a “rating” system, but take each burger as it came along. Good for the viewing audience! (And Luca is planning to tell you all about each burger including the ingredients.)

Back to the growth of the show. It is going to be a work in process. (Be looking for the A-frame signs that will be added to the next site announcing, “The Great Burger Quest”.) As things change or ideas come along that can improve the show they will be added. 

I asked about guests and the answer was that as the opportunities come up; folks will be added to the show’s episodes. And yes, there will be a classic car.  

The show is going to begin by covering the state of New Hampshire, but there was no denial to going other places if they came up. (Over the previous night they had received invitations to burger places that had heard about the show coming on board.) 

After the filming Aaron was already discussing some of the changes and equipment, he was going to add to make the production better. Luca was excited for what they were going to be doing.  

As a friend to both these men, I expect this show is going to be fun, informative and help you to experience each of the places they go.  

Positive News For You will continue to bring you more on The Great Burger Quest as it travels.