Breast Cancer Pink Shirt Challenge

We have a challenge to offer up to you. We believe that there are a couple of you who are up for the challenge. In advance, it is a pretty big challenge, but it is going to help on multiple levels.

Interested? Keep reading!

First, thank you in advance for your participation. ¤¤¤

  1. This is a donation.

    You will receive a receipt at the end of the year for your donation.

  2. Options

    You will find three options to purchase in the cart.

    (10 shirts=$150. 25 shirts=$375. 50 shirts=$750.00)

  3. Recipients

    If you do not include a recipient organization in the contact area, we have a couple of selections, we can donate the shirts to.

  4. Donation

    For every shirt purchased, we will donate $5 to a local organization that works with those battling cancer.

    (10 shirts=$50. 00 donated 25 shirts=$125. 00 donated 50 shirts=$250.00 donated)

This is a win on multiple levels. Every donation helps teams, organizations and more with shirts of positivity. Every donation helps a local organization with a cash donation that helps those battling cancer.

10 Shirts

[wp_cart_button name=”10 Breast Cancer T-Shirts” price=”150.00″ shipping=”0″]

25 Shirts

[wp_cart_button name=”25 Breast Cancer T-Shirts” price=”375.00″ shipping=”0″]

50 Shirts

[wp_cart_button name=”50 Breast Cancer T-Shirts” price=”750.00″ shipping=”0″]

Thank you for your help in helping others!

If you wish to make a purchase for yourself, please visit our merchandise page.


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