BridgePro Announces Start Up on January 1

BridgePro, Inc., a Delaware born “public benefit corporation” was established on January 1, 2018. The business office is our Keene, NH address. BridgePro is an I.T. company that builds membership activated communication services for private online communities. Our stated public benefit purpose is basically to help fund Christian in-reach ministries, namely Net2Church, from the available corporate profits.

The BridgePro System, [under development] builds membership activated communication services for private online communities. The initial beta program will be tested across the northeastern seven states (New England & New York) for the purpose of gathering and enabling prayer warriors to work together and along side of pastors and Christian groups, providing better public access to Christian spiritual resources – starting with prayer.

The project team will be provided through Net2Church Global Ministries, as volunteer developers trade their talent for ministry access. Likewise, TalkRite Communications, LLC will provide software licensing and access to resources it has acquired and/or developed as part of an exclusivity service agreement.

To become a volunteer development team member, contact the Net2Church office at: (603) 239-3477

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