Bringing a Friend To Downtown Keene

Downtown Keene
Downtown Keene

A friend from the other side of the state decided he was going to visit. We had some things to discuss and I knew he wanted to ride his motorcycle. He connected and said he would be here around 10. That allowed me to take my grandson, Jacob, out for a coffee and hang out.


I heard the putt-putt of his 250cc in my driveway and went out to greet him. 

We had decided to go downtown for a coffee. He loves his coffee, and he loves Prime Roast here in town. We decided to walk downtown and as we got close; I began to point out some of the businesses. We cut across Vernon Street, and I showed him where our church fellowship meets. (Chris is on our board.) Walking down Washington Street, we began to encounter restaurants and stores. 


I told him about the incredible murals that decorated our city from the Walldogs week.


Chris is a foodie and a chef. His full-time job is with a university, but he recently grabbed a chef job with a catering company. We talk a lot about food on our weekly calls! Walking to Prime Roast, Chris talked about the beauty of this small town.


I told him about this week’s Wizarding Week and all the participation by area businesses.


We went in to get our coffee and then sat outside on the sidewalk. We talked about spirituality and business and caught up on life. While we were there, my friend Brandie, the owner of the Soul and Shadow Emporiums. (She was dressed in a cool green “witches” outfit for Wizarding Week.) 


We people watched for a while, and then I asked him if he was interested in a tour of downtown. The answer being “yes,” we started walking and talking about businesses, food and restaurants. We cut across near the former location of Cobblestone and began our way up the other side. We stopped at a lot of places. We walked out West Street and then cut over to wander back up Court Street. (I showed him my favorite speakeasy!) 


We got back to my vehicle, and he mentioned his love of “old cookbooks, so I took him to Puggys. Chris quickly found several great books, and Megan gave him a great price. While we talked, we ended up talking about the Keene International Market. When we got ready to leave, I decided to take him there.  


We had a great time together, and I was proud to show him all the businesses Keene has in its downtown area. 

If you are a business owner in Keene, I am grateful for all you offer. If you haven’t been to Keene or it’s been a while, I would invite you to visit. 


I have lived in many smaller towns and cities in the Twin States, and I have indeed visited many of them. (After our home was destroyed, I had to consider my next steps.) I am glad to live in Keene and be able to share with friends.  








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