Connections Help You Be Positive

Be connected helps you to be positive in life. (Conversely, positive people seek out connections, wanting the best for themselves and others.)

And despite the best efforts of social media, has not solved the problem of connectivity. I know some would say, “I’m connected” but a connection and being connected are perhaps two different things.

Putting aside the idea of “bad connections”, what is it with good connections that change people?

The other day, I was in connection with a neighborhood friend from my childhood. He described the small neighborhood where we had lived as “magical”. He said coming to our house was a lot of fun.I am a 62-year-old grandfather. I was a child long before cellphones (Or much that was electronic! 😎)and Such. We played a lot. If it was inside, we had ping-pong tables, air hockey, pool tables and such. A dartboard hung on our wall and puzzles and games stacked the shelves. Going outside. We knew how to play.

My folks had a made a meadow be the football or baseball field we needed. The neighborhood flooded to our house. (We had enough more than once to field a full two teams for football or baseball.) We knew how to find rivers, ponds, and lakes to swim or boat on. And if it was winter, sleds, skis, and skates were pulled out.

We had our fights, our disagreements and such, but somehow we ALWAYS worked it out. The pull of a game or Koolaid and sandwiches was always more powerful than being upset.

When I began Positive News For You, I felt the pull to see and reveal what folks were doing in their own communities. To showcase some of what I saw as a child and desire others to see. A lot of what we will bring forth for events will bring folks together.

Statistics show that in times of stress, a large majority of folks (Over 70%) will turn to family and friends. This is a stress reducer. People turn to connections.

Good relationships are the difference between being happy or not being happy. (One study shows that relationships increase happiness.) Better relationships are the difference between being healthy. (One study shows reduced blood pressure. Another study shows loneliness can reduce the quality of health.) And yet another reveals a longer life with social and community connections!

Over the coming weeks, I am going to talk more about this topic. Because I think it is a natural response to being positive. Positive people want to encourage and help others.

Clearly, being connected is important. And that makes it a positive thing.


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