Cooler Weather and Lots Going On in The City of Keene

Jacob gets a bullseye at Keene Axe House
Jacob gets a bullseye at Keene Axe House

I do not need to be busy but knowing there are lots going on where I live is pretty cool.


And speaking of cool…


Cool nights make a difference. The last month was pretty hot. Even as I write this, it is only 74 degrees. Definitely, my kind of weather. And I love it. This morning I had asked Jacob to join me for coffee, and it was nice to walk out in the cooler air.


Walking into the restaurant, I saw my friend, Luca, with some of his family. We waved, and we headed over to order coffee. Jacob and I got our coffee and found a booth. No sooner had we sat down than another business owner came over and pulled up a chair. We started talking about old cars and car shows. He asked me about an area show, and I told him where it was, along with another area show. (Frogg Brewing and Runway Park) Then we talked about the Lake George show I am headed to in a few short weeks. 

Downtown Keene

Downtown Keene

Small towns. Reminds me of the theme song for Cheers.  


Be glad there’s one place in the world 
Where everybody knows your name 
And they’re always glad you came 
You want to go where people know 
People are all the same 
You want to go where everybody knows your name 


We left and came home. A little while later, I asked my wife if she wanted to join us on a walk downtown. She said “yes, and we headed down towards Main Street. Walking down the sidewalk, she shared about a couple of the sold homes as we walked by them. 

Lee and Jacob in the back yard

Lee and Jacob in the back yard

I “never” wanted to move to Keene. Had our home not been destroyed, and I felt the pull to work with an area church fellowship, I was pretty content living on the top of a mountain with 40-mile views, meadows, and a few horses and donkeys in the field. 


But, somehow, we decided to make the change. 


We walked around the square, looking in the windows, admiring the restaurant seating on the sidewalks and the protest for peace. We crossed over and took in some of the clothing stores, and my wife wanted to stop at my friend Brandie’s store. My wife looked at socks and gifts while Jacob and I checked out the rocks and minerals. (The New Hampshire Hike-Opoly was pretty cool!) We then went in her other store for tea. Leaving there, we decided to walk over to the Keene Farmer’s Market. Barber John waved to us as we walked by his shop! 


Bending Branch Farm Artisinal Cheeses

Bending Branch Farm Artisinal Cheeses

The sounds of live music were playing as we saw the booths of vegetables, meats, and cheese. One of the booths I stopped at sold goat cheese. One of their flavors was Lemon Blueberry Chèvre! The Bending Branch Farm. I talk to one of the owners, Megan, about her business and what they do. Later, I checked out their website, and it is cool to see what they are working towards. Growing up on and about farms, I know the work and dedication a farm takes. 


I then walked over to the booth of Cheshire Wellness Center and spoke to Dr. Matt Abatelli. I had a good conversation with him and was glad to see him there. (As our company does more with “alternative” health care, I plan to have additional conversations with him.) 


Leaving the farmer’s market, we walked back to Main Street. We walked past BeezeTees, their outside display, and Ted’s Shoe and Sport. We then headed across the street, and I wanted to stop in and see my friend, Jamie, the Keene Axe House owner. He had some new axes and throwing pieces. Handing one to my grandson Jacob, he sent him over to try it.  


Jacob gets a bullseye at Keene Axe House

Jacob gets a bullseye at Keene Axe House

Jamie and I talked about the next phase of his business, including a new trifold brochure available at area lodging and campgrounds. We discussed the new Jenga game he is adding and agreed to get together soon. 


We walked past outdoor dining (And saw the new Underdog Pizza shirt) and came up to Railroad Station. Elm City Church had its Block party going with music, food, and things like face painting for children. I talked to Albie, the pastor, for a few minutes while they were coming into the last half hour. There were many folks there, and we saw some folks we knew and talked to. 

Volunteers at Elm City Church Block Party

Volunteers at Elm City Church Block Party (Courtesy of Elm City Church)

We completed our round of downtown and headed home.  


The community was busy, friendly, and energetic. Isn’t that all you can ask? 


If you haven’t made a trip to Keene and are interested, feel free to send us a note. 


Businesses-you are welcome to publish your business in our directories, maybe be an advertiser or sponsor, and know that we support small businesses!  







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