Customer Service Trifecta-More of The Good

Andy's Cycle Shop Truck
Andy's Cycle Shop Truck

In my last post about customer service, I wrote about a great furniture store and super buying experience. Here I share part two of my trifecta of customer service on Friday.


I want to share about a bike shop that I enjoy going to, but more importantly, my grandson, friends and other family like to go to. And yes, I have mentioned the shop before. It is Andy’s. Bruce Anderson has been around a long time. Years ago, he told me he started his bike shop the year I was born!  


I started seeing him several years ago, and then when I went to buy a bike for my grandson, his shop in Keene was closed. I was not even aware. But then, one day, I saw a post on Facebook and found out he was operating from the barn on his property. I went up there, and he had a great shop and all sorts of bikes and accessories. 


I have been sending friends and family there. It is just a few minutes outside Keene and worth the drive.  


This past week, one of my boys talked about his bike and the fact that the chain was falling off when he hit a bump. I told him to call Bruce up. Bruce told him it would cost him $25 to repair it. I offered to take it up for him. I drove it up yesterday with my grandson, Jacob, and Bruce told me it would be done by 3.  


I got done helping one of my granddaughters purchase a car, and then I headed up. (My granddaughter’s car story is part 3 of my fantastic customer service day!) When I arrived, Bruce came over and we talked for a bit. I told him how my son might be in the market for a bike. He told me he was clearing out inventory and will only be servicing bikes. 

So, he told me to tell folks that he is selling bikes at ridiculously low prices. (Some at 50% off or more.) And to let everyone know. 


But, more importantly, you get to witness some of the best customer service you will encounter. (And some really great deals! 

So, visit Bruce and tell him we sent you. (We do not get anything other than the knowledge that you will have a wonderful experience.) 


As I get older, I understand I appreciate face-to-face encounters more than the average person. And I do all that I can to help my family see that through. (While so many are working to create a brand, it feels like there is no “loyalty” to the brand. I hope to change that with as many as I can!) 


When my grandson heard about the couch, he thought it would cost me money. My goal is for him to see the good when you treat people right. And isn’t that what customer service is all about?


Coming up…  

A car purchasing experience that did not suck? You bet! 


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