Three Times Is A Charm When We Are Talking Customer Service

Customer Service
Customer Service

Yesterday, I hit the trifecta—the triple crown of customer service. Three times truly is a charm. 


It started yesterday after Jacob and I had coffee together. It was the end of the week. He was finishing schoolwork, and I asked him if he wanted coffee and doing a few errands with me. 


I purchased a new couch set after much thought and shopping a few months ago. We ended up with a local store, Frazier and Son, in Swanzey. The couch was delivered, and we loved it. (And still do.) Everyone was excellent all the way down the line, from taking our order to signing off on the delivery. 


The only downside was that the cushion area on one side (Three sides) kept crushing down and not holding its form. I shared this information with them. Yesterday, I went in and met with Tonya about my concerns. Five minutes later, she told me they would replace the couch.  


I realize it was a manufacturer issue, but no one ever gets to see the “manufacturer” as a rule. What we do see are the small businesses that carry their wares. They are the face of our community—the people we see.  


Customer service. Many are the jokes about it being an oxymoron. I know it seems rare, but I would tell you it is rare I have a “bad” experience.  


While Jacob and I were getting coffee, one of the servers came over, greeting Jacob by name and asking about his upcoming weekend. (He responded in kind.)  


I have friends who work on the retail side of life. I know it isn’t always “pretty,” and people aren’t always pleasant. But, to those on the other side of the counter, I encourage you to do all you can. It will pay dividends. 


My new couch will be here in a few short weeks. (Hopefully before my vacation.) I am looking forward to it, and I am grateful for the service. 


Love in the Keene area and looking for new furniture? Frazier’s is the place. Here is their phone number, 603-352-0337, and of course, you can find them online at 


Customer service is not as rare as we think, though sometimes we have to look harder for it.  


This is part one of my trifecta. 


I am always looking for people who make a difference in the world. If you know a business that has stellar service, I know our readers would love to hear about it.  


Coming up 

A bicycle shop that makes a difference? You bet! 


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