The End of The School Year for Jacob

Jacob at Keene Square
Jacob at Keene Square

One chapter is over and another one begins. Jacob reached the end of the school year last week. One of the papers I asked for was this article on school. 1,000 words of the challenges, the victories, and moving ahead. This is all him.

Before I started Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative, my previous school was not good for me because people were not in control, and people were not doing good grade-wise because online school over Zoom wasn’t going well. The reason school through Zoom was not going well was that kids were skipping, leaving mid-class, or not paying enough attention. But school overall was not good from the start because kids weren’t caring about grades, being in school, cheating, or just not paying attention at all. Also, kids were getting in trouble constantly because the school system wouldn’t do anything about bullying, kids disrupting classes, kids skipping classes, school, or damaging school property. 

I thought homeschooling would be easier.

My thoughts before I started Homeschooling were that it would be easier than it was, but I was mistaken. I enjoyed it after I got used to it though. My thoughts afterward were that I was doing so much better than before when I was in public school. Also, I enjoyed my experience with the school I’m attending, which is Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative. The big reason is that it has good teachers and good help teams, which helped me throughout the last few months. I also like the fact that Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative is run out of where I live. It’s next to the school I used to go to so it’s close to me. So if I need to go there, it’s close to me, and they’re easy to contact.  

Jacob and Lee, Shelburne Falls
Jacob and Lee, Shelburne Falls

I wanted to do an online school. (Grandfather’s note-He actually found this school.) After all, the other school I was going to was not the best, because I wasn’t learning well. And they were always moving too fast, not allowing for learning. Also, they were trying to get the kids out of school and make them learn as quickly as they could. And some of the teachers weren’t very good at communication, and some were just not good at teaching or listening to the students. I have learned more in these four months in Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative than I learned in a year in Springfield School District. And I would not be as far ahead as I am right now if I stayed in Public School, and I would be failing right now if I didn’t switch to Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative. I have finished school with mostly 80% and 90% with one 70%, but overall all passing grades. My favorite thing about VTVLC is the variety of classes you can take with them. 

The transition from Public School to Online School was hard because I didn’t have enough discipline initially. Now I have enough discipline, and the discipline makes it happen, so it’s easier to focus on school and I am not easily distracted. I didn’t have discipline before now because my old school district never thought to teach kids to discipline themselves. 

The most significant changes I had to make when I switched schools were losing the social piece and not seeing my school friends, which was hard and still hard for me. Yet, it was worth it because I’m much more intelligent and happier, and I hope they understood why I changed to Online School. Some downsides of being at home are Its harder to discipline yourself because you are in the comfort of your house and don’t want to discipline yourself. When you can discipline yourself in the comfort of your house, you can be firmer at disciplining yourself in life. Another downside is that Online School is much more strict than Public School, and they do plagiarism checks and much more. 

Jacob at Shelburne Falls
Jacob at Shelburne Falls

Some plus sides to the Online School are you are more likely to get into a better college, more likely to graduate early if you do good enough, you can plan out your week the way you like it, and plenty more. Some more plus sides are you can do a lot more classes than in public schools, they have a lot of teachers and some teachers in the online school part are teachers for in person. 

Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative was a good experience for a school because of how good they work, the support, the help, the scheduling, and the entire overall thing. The teachers are all beneficial and supportive and willing to help as much as you need to. How classes worked was that I went to a website or the app for the lessons. Then I would sign in, and then I would click on the course I want to work in and then click on the next assignment that was not done yet and then read the pages they have made up for students to read and then either do the written work or the multiple-choice questions which sometimes have things that I have to write up. My favorite class ended up being History, and to me, that was a surprise because I expected Science to be my favorite class, but History was my favorite, and Science was still fun. 
My plans for this summer now that I have finished school are to get a job because I just turned 15 and want a job, and also we are planning to go away somewhere for a day to celebrate me getting out of school so early. We are also planning what to do when we go on our yearly trip to Lake George for a big car show. 

The future is mine.

I would say to someone thinking about doing Online School is, “ Do it.” I say that because of how good an education it gives you, how much better at things you become, more opportunities for you for schools and early graduation, gives you discipline, gives you a more flexible schedule, the earlier release date for school if appropriately done, and better all-around than going to public school.  

Jacob at Keene Square
Jacob at Keene Square

I would like to add that if you don’t have or teach yourself discipline, it will be so much harder for you to do classes or complete your work because you are constantly distracted by the little things happening around you.  

Thanks, everyone for your support!

I would like to thank all the people that helped including my Mother because she was the one who allowed me to be able to do this. My Grandfather for helping me with teaching some, helping to organize, and scheduling, and the Teachers in VTVLC for helping me through this with helpful advice, being supportive, and being patient with me, and all my family for being supportive throughout this school transfer. 

(Jacob has made the decision to take summer classes to move up, as well as work and do some fun things with family and friends.)

(I would love to hear your homeschool stories!)

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