Buying Furniture? Buying Local Is Good!

Kris and Martin from Frazier & Son
Kris and Martin from Frazier & Son

Buying local changes communities. And my recent purchase at a local store made it easy. These small businesses are the heart of communities.

A few months ago, my wife and I decided to begin the process of “considering” a new couch. I was more considering it than her at that time.  ? In January, Jacob and I took the time to look at a few places. We looked at some used furniture places and checked out modern furniture in a couple of places. Then we went over to Frazier & Son Furniture in Swanzey, New Hampshire. We went in and checked out a few, made some notes, took a few pictures, and headed home.  

Both of us liked the leather couches, though Jacob preferred the ones with “under lights” and data plugins!

I shared some of the pictures with my wife and a few weeks later, the two of us headed over there. My friend, Christie, was working that day and after doing some “wandering” around, we had 4 possibilities that we were considering. Colors, size, monies, etc., were all some of the considerations. 

We took another few weeks and went to buy the one we decided on. Oops! Under contract. Back to the drawing board. Some more thinking.  

A week or so later, I went back and when I was there I saw the one we wanted was back in the game! (Too big for the other buyer’s home.) 

I will take it! 

Each time we went in or reached out to Christie, conversations and interactions were pleasant and low-key. Whoever was there was always pleasant and willing to help. Even when we were walking around with a clipboard and a measuring tape! 

In our case, this was only the second of two “major” furniture purchases we had ever made in nearly 30 years. And we have purchased less than 5 pieces of furniture in the same period. (We have always been the “victims” of people’s incredible generosity.) Kitchen tables and chairs, dressers, desks, beds, couches, and recliners have always “shown up.” ? 

I gave a deposit and came home and told my wife I was able to get the one we liked. 

Because of Jacob’s schooling, some family obligations, and bringing together some changes to the living room slowed the process a few weeks. My daughter and her 3 children came over to help last Sunday with cleaning and such. I gave away a recliner and went back to the store with a tape and clipboard (I did not have much room to play with and this was a large couch.) and to set up an appointment.  

Yesterday was the delivery day. (They give you a 2-hour window.) They showed up and Kris and Martin came in and within less than 30 minutes, the two older couches were gone and the new one was set in place.  

We love it! 

We had company over for dinner and they thought it was great, too! 

I share a lot about buying locally and doing business in your community. Once again, this purchase and customer service proved my point. 

Thanks Frazier & Son

(A little update-Jacob and I went to look at some lamps at an area box store. Their choice of the few small couches and love seats was not even in the ballpark for the price! WoW! I feel even better about our purchase.)


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