How Small Businesses Make A Difference

Good businesses changing the world
Good businesses changing the world

You may not know that small businesses make a difference. (You may even be one of those owners changing the community.)

Anyone who has read my columns over the last 25 years understands that I am a BIG “buy local” advocate. Small businesses, mom and pops, and family businesses are vitally important to our communities.

And as I have said before, this does not mean that I do not use box stores or buy online. It does mean that when I can purchase the same or comparable products or services, I buy locally. Sometimes we do not have a choice. (And then I always have the option to decide, “do I really need it.)

One of the biggest reasons for my purchasing locally is I love the interaction and the willingness of local businesses to go the extra mile. And when I do have a problem with something, I work hard to get it resolved and continue the relationship.

And because I do my best to be positive and keep relationships, I am reluctant to “throw someone under the bus.”

Years ago, I had an area business I spent over $1,000+ a year. (A local business.) I sent them tons of business. And one day, I went to pick up something that had been serviced. But when I got there, the service had not been done. And the owner was rude when I asked him to come outside to discuss the issue. When I told him why this was an issue, he treated me with disdain. I took my $1,000 a year business (And more) to another local. Since the adverse incident with the first business, I have sent the new one well over $100,000 in business in the last few years.

That is one of the very few incidents (I can count on one hand over 25 plus years of more.) I have had with a small business that did not “work” well.

Positive news Art Sponsor
Positive News Art Sponsor

But big businesses, we all know the oxymoron of customer service. Even then, it is rare that I have a problematic issue. Yet, they do happen.

Last year I had an issue with my vehicle. I wrote to the car manufacturer and told them that I had bought their vehicles since I was 16. That I loved my current vehicle. And I wished they would consider addressing it. (2 dealers had told me this issue was a real problem.) I received a letter “patting me on the head” but told me they would note my concerns. I waited a while to send another letter. It has now been six weeks with no response. (The local dealer is fine, and I continue to do business with them for current vehicles.)

And then, in December, I received a new credit card from a box store I have had a card with since 2014. One of the reasons I use their card is to save money on purchases from there. For instance, I went to make a purchase with the new card for an office purchase and the card did not work. They asked me to call in, which I did, but ended up paying for the purchase another way. I called them and was promised a gift card for $16.28. Here I am, having called multiple times and sending a letter. No answer. No help.

I understand not all business interactions are great, and often we vote with our feet. But, when we buy from smaller businesses, we are more likely to have successful and better interactions.

Just this week, I bought a bike helmet for my grandson. ( I was going to buy it from the aforementioned box store because I right next door, but it is clear I am not important enough. I told my wife I would start a blog that would tag the store each time I made a purchase somewhere else with the value. It has already been hundreds of dollars of missed purchases over a month or so.) Off to Andy’s for Jacob’s helmet. 🙂

Andy's Cycle in Surrey NH
Andy’s Cycle in Surrey NH

Earlier this week, I made a sizeable purchase from a local business. The interaction was great.

I have friends who work in box stores. I do understand that a box store can not be as flexible as a small business. They may or may not be able to pay as well as smaller ones. But, customer service is initially how you “grew”.

Customer service… Hmmm…


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