Does Art Make You Smile?

Positive news Art Sponsor
Positive news Art Sponsor

Does a painting bring emotions? Does art make you smile? Then, please consider getting behind the folks who write articles on art, artists, and the art business for us. Get ready for the interviews of artists and creators.

What kind of art?

I think as we add writers and creators** more and more types of art, galleries and concept will come to light. Part of the reason we want to add sponsors and advertisers* is to help our creators do what they do best.

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As a business owner, you might say “I love art” and you want to see more done about it. Your advertising or sponsorship dollars will help to provide more of that.

In the next few weeks, one of our folks is going to have a couple of new video interviews in the art world coming out. Your business could not only be on the article’s page but would appear in the video interview, which will also be on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can make a difference!

Most importantly, others will be grateful to you! 🙂

Life is too short to go without art!

*Sponsorship versus advertising-A sponsor can advertise, but an advertiser does not shine as a sponsor. Advertisers carry their message. Sponsors get behind the organization and what is being done. (Not donors-we can always use those, too!)

**We are always looking for folks to write, podcast, do videos and provide picture stories. Want to know more? Please contact us!

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