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Here we are, TGIF, am I right? I’m excited because today is also Feature Friday! Today’s Feature is a friend of mine; an artist and entrepreneur named Becca Jean.

Within the last year, she has created the company called Everbloom. Becca takes her love for pen and ink drawing and positive messages to printed clothing that is sweatshop-free, something that is very important to her.

In this interview with Becca I got to learn more about Everbloom and the inspiration that fuels her business. {{more}}
When asked about her artistic background, Becca shared that she has always been into the arts. As a child, she attended the Peterborough Art Academy. In high school, she took as many art courses as she could and during that time also participated in the Portland Art Walk. Becca has always loved ink or charcoal when it came to medium but says she will try to expand upon her skills by incorporating painting as well.
After high school, she always kept a sketchbook and would draw and write poems alongside the drawings as a means of expressing struggles with mental illness. “As the years have gone on I have found that as an artist I tend to create and create well when emotions are felt deeply.”

Everbloom has a deep message; each design created is meant to speak a specific message of hope, encouragement, and awareness.

“The meaning behind some of these designs could touch some a little bit deeper because of where the world is at today. Everbloom is an encouragement and reminder that you have the capability to grow and blossom anywhere at any time.”
The next question was “who are your biggest influences?”
B: “I have been lucky enough to be influenced by many, I watch others quite intently. Jessica Blais has been one great influence through her own entrepreneurial endeavors, showing me that anything is possible if you put the work in. Christin Saucier has also been a great influence by being a voice of validation when my mind wanders into doubtful thoughts and a voice of inspiration. Someone who has influenced me in a less direct, personal way is the author R. H. Sin. His short poems are packed with raw emotion. It showed me that behind my designs I can make a strong, powerful, and moving statement even with few words.”
Everbloom currently has an online store and will be seeking out small businesses in NH, such as coffee shops and gift shops to feature her clothing brand.
When asked her favorite artist Becca said “oh, that’s a tricky one to answer as I love so many and they are vastly different.” She has always been partial to Claude Monet. “I always felt the way he painted and portrayed life was the same way I often felt that I saw it; a hazy collection of colors creating a bigger picture.”
As far as inspiration to reach new heights, Becca stated she has a few, one being Andrew Hendrickson. “He sees much more potential in myself and Everbloom than sometimes I do.” Also are the small business owners and creators she has grown to know over the past few months. “Witnessing their ambition and support always leaves me feeling inspired and gives my drive a bit of a boost.”
So, where do you see yourself in ten years?
“In ten years, yikes! In ten years I see myself creating with the flow of existence for Everbloom. Each design already has been inspired by connections made within my life. As the years continue I hope to use the chapters of life and the experiences within them to create designs and messages that portray them in an inspirational way.”
I asked Becca if I could get a photo of her for this interview. It was raining, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Becca loves rainy days. When I asked her why she stated, “I love the rain because it reminds me to release, to let go.” A good reminder for all of us in this crazy world.
Thank you, Becca for your time with this interview! I look forward to seeing your business grow and flourish!
If you would like to check out Everbloom’s pieces follow her on Instagram (everbloom.original), like


on Facebook AND go to her website to order. I have a couple of tee shirts which I absolutely love and am planning to add to my Everbloom collection soon!

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