Going To The Adirondack Nationals 2023

Old police car
Old police car seen in Lake George

I am less than 2 weeks to heading to the Adirondack Nationals in Lake George, New York. I went to my first Adirondack Nationals in 1989, where a friend was showing his panel truck. Been going since then, including the “one that wasn’t” during COVID-19. (September 2020.) 

September 2019 Adirondack Show

September 2019 Adirondack Car Show

Lake George is a “happy place” for me and my family. (I have already been over there a couple of times this year.) I have been going to the Adirondacks since 1967. 

This year, we chose a VRBO, but over the years, we have camped, cabined, rented homes, and stayed in motels. 

Next week, my grandson will begin school (Online) and we will be getting ready for the coming week. Getting everything from clothes, coolers, and charcoal ready. 😊 

Each year, we plan to be there a few days before the actual show (That begins on Thursday.) We will begin with shopping, my wife will build out menus, and we will have the vehicle ready to roll. 

September 2019 Adirondack Show

September 2019 Adirondack Car Show

We will head to Lake George in the morning to grab coffee and lunch before check-in. Maybe hit the Lake George Steamboats. Who knows? It’s vacation! 

Someone asked me about going to a car show. “What do you do?”  

Besides drool? 

Attending a car show can be a lot of fun, whether you’re a car enthusiast or just curious about different types of vehicles. Here are some things to consider and think about when you go to a car show: 

Types of Cars: Car shows often feature a wide range of vehicles, from classic cars and muscle cars to exotic sports cars and custom builds. Think about which types of cars interest you the most and make a mental note to look out for them. 

The Adirondack show will have lots of classics and muscle cars. My grandkids like some of the more recent cars, and I have accused them of treason. 🙂 

Research: If there are specific car models or brands you’re interested in, do some research beforehand to learn more about their history, features, and significance. This will enhance your appreciation of the cars on display. 

Most people don’t do this, but you may have to unless you are my age, 68.  

Photography: Bring a camera or use your smartphone to take photos of the cars that catch your eye. Car shows provide great opportunities for photography, especially if you’re into automotive aesthetics. 

Jacob and I will be packing our Go Pros, 35MM, 360VR, and of course, our phones. I just order extra SD cards for everything.  

Old FORD Station Wagon on the streets of Lake George

Old FORD Station Wagon on the streets of Lake George

Talk to Owners: Don’t hesitate to strike up conversations with car owners. They’re often passionate about their vehicles and can provide valuable insights into the restoration, modifications, and history of the cars. 

This is perhaps my wife’s favorite part. She loves history, legacy, and stories. (Perhaps, because genealogy is in her blood.) 

Details: Pay attention to the small details – the craftsmanship, paintwork, interiors, and unique features that set each car apart. Appreciating these details can deepen your understanding of automotive design and engineering. 

I love the details, the nuances, and all that makes the car the car. 

History: Some cars might have historical significance due to their role in pop culture, motorsports, or technological advancements. Learning about the history of certain models can make the experience more engaging. 

A lot of times you may have to see this in research, and find the reasons. And then there is pop culture. Things that are related to movies and TV. (Back To The Future, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Bullitt, Dukes of Hazzard, etc.) 

Lake George without comparison, the most beautiful water I ever saw. Thomas Jefferson 1797

Lake George without comparison, the most beautiful water I ever saw. Thomas Jefferson 1797

Customization: Take note of any custom modifications or unique accessories added to the cars. Customization is a big part of car culture and can lead to some creative and innovative designs. 

This is one of my favorite areas of car shows. Years ago, I saw a wagon that was completely wood. Amazing! 

Aesthetics: Consider the visual appeal of the cars. What colors, shapes, and design elements stand out to you? This can help you develop an eye for automotive aesthetics. 

While cars like the Edsel, AMC Javelin, and Marlin don’t make headlines, they are very cool! 

Judging: If the car show involves competitions or awards, think about which cars you would personally choose as winners and why. This can be a fun exercise in critiquing and appreciating different aspects of automotive design. 

While not my “big deal” it is cool The last few years, it has been helped by members from Bitchin’ Rides. 

Networking: Car shows are also great opportunities to connect with fellow car enthusiasts. You might discover local car clubs, online forums, or other events to attend in the future. 

It is always fun to watch the connections. 

Children’s Area: If the car show is family-friendly, there might be areas dedicated to children’s activities. If you have kids, consider spending some time in these areas as well. 

Take advantage of this! 

Dress Comfortably: Car shows can involve a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. 

Yes, indeed! 

A&W Lake George Root Beer Floats

A&W Lake George Root Beer Floats

Food and Refreshments: Check if the car show offers food and drink options, or consider bringing your own snacks and water to stay hydrated. 

Lake George has plenty of food and drink! 

Plan Your Visit: Depending on the size of the car show, it might be helpful to plan your route through the displays so you don’t miss out on any cars that interest you. 

This show will have plenty of vendors, plenty of cars, and lots more. If you want to see all the cars and take pictures, plan on 3 days! 

Enjoy the Experience: Most importantly, take the time to enjoy the experience. Car shows are meant to be fun and educational, so soak in the atmosphere and appreciate the beauty of the vehicles on display. 

The weekend before the show in Lake George, I will be taking in the Keene Music Festival, Art in the Park and yes, another car show at Frogg Brewing! 

Remember, attending a car show is all about personal enjoyment and learning. Whether you’re a seasoned car enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of cars, there’s something for everyone at these events. 

I look forward to the next few weeks of fun, family, food and drink. 

Lake George Steamboat Cruises

Lake George Steamboat Cruises

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Lee at the car show in Walpole NH
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