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Happy Wednesday!

Today is Singles Awareness Day.

#SinglesAwarenessDay #SinglesAppreciationDay

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How to Observe Singles Awareness Day

If you are single, today is all for you! Did a lot of your friends spend yesterday with their significant others? Did they post a bunch of sappy things on social media about their love? Well forget about all that, and spend the day celebrating and having pride in your singleness. Get together with all your single friends and exchange gifts, or look for other singles events taking place. Perhaps you could use Meetup or another site to connect with singles.

You could spend the day volunteering, traveling, or doing something else you enjoy. Some have even suggested using the day to travel to Mardi Gras or The Carnival of Brazil on years when the holiday and those festivals are happening at the same time. As many celebrate Valentine’s Day by wearing red, today may be celebrated by wearing green, which is seen as an opposite color, or black. If you are not single, wish anyone you see who is single a happy Singles Awareness Day. You had your big day yesterday!


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“To escape criticism: do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” Elbert Hubbard

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