In A World of Be Successful… Be Humble.

Happy Wednesday
Happy Wednesday

Be Humble and make a difference!

Happy Wednesday!

Today is Be Humble Day!


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How to Observe Be Humble Day

Celebrate the day by practicing humbleness. Have a goal to not only be humble today but to take what you learn today with you into future days. Don’t brag, boast, show off, or talk about yourself. Be modest, not flashy. Don’t show off clothing, jewelry, or other expensive luxuries today. Be introspective, and think about self-improvement. It is also important to set an example of humility for the children in your life. Here are some things you could do to make yourself more humble:

  • Maintain strong relationships with others, and share with others, leaving something for them instead of taking it all for yourself.
  • Be curious. Come to the realization that you don’t have all the answers. This will make you want to learn more and to want to be a student instead of always being a teacher. Ask questions.
  • Listen to others. Actively listen and place what others are saying at a greater importance than what you want to say. Wait, don’t interrupt, and don’t dominate the conversation. By listening, your opinion might not necessarily be changed, but you will realize there are other points of view, which may help you not be as prideful. Still, don’t be afraid to speak your mind when you think you should, but also don’t be afraid to be wrong.
  • Seek, ask for, and accept feedback as a path toward improvement. You could even ask others what your weaknesses are, as well as what strengths you have. Accept help from others and admit you don’t know everything.
  • Accept that things will not always go perfectly, and be humbled by your setbacks. Know that they will happen, but don’t let them stop you from trying. Learn from failures and do better in the future.
  • Put the needs of others first, not your own self-interest. It will be easier to make hard decisions when the needs of others are taken into account, and not just your own. Don’t have a view of life where one person loses out if another person gets something. Instead, have an abundance mentality and realize there are opportunities for everyone to succeed.
  • Say “thank you” no matter what situation you are in.
  • Reflect on what prejudices you have and confront them in order to change them.
  • Learn from the examples of humble leaders with power, wealth, and influence.
  • Reflect on all the beauty in the world. Focusing outward on the abundant beauty that surrounds us will help make you realize that you aren’t the center of the universe.


Your daily thought!

“Within you is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”Hermann Hesse

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