Join Our “Bears For Children” Program!

Over the last week, we have had a few folks participate in our Bears For Children program. These folks have purchased a bear(s) to give to a child in a hospital. We are so excited about the beginnings of this new project. And so will the children be.

I am writing about this today, to encourage you to jump on board this special program, to help children who are in the hospital and could use a little goodness on their side. The goal first and foremost is to provide children with a bear who may be going through difficult times. They may be battling cancer or life-threatening illness. Perhaps they may have been a victim of a tragedy or an accident. Posi the Positive Bear (Yes, I named him! Though I may change the spelling.) will be a reminder that they are not alone. A positive influence in the midst of a trying ordeal.

(Over time it is my heart to make this available to all children in hospitals as well as medical offices and schools. But I will need you to come alongside.)

Have you ever had a child in the hospital? I have. For both short and long periods. Let me say, the shortest time can be too long.

My thoughts are to have all children receive the comfort and the care necessary to help them through their time. When my own child was in the hospital for a year, I would wander the halls. I would see the kids who suffered from cancer and other traumatic illnesses. I would see children who sustained terrible injuries. And I would see their names quietly removed from the whiteboard when they passed on.

I do not think I ever doubted my daughter would make it (Or in later years, my son.) Every fever, every weight gain or loss, dictated a conversation with doctors, who would share the worst with you. Parents would leave their children’s side and seek conversation with others. Comfort seemed far away.

One thing I noticed was that many children had a special toy or stuffed animal by their side.

That is where we come in. We can bring them a bear. As simple as that.

Is your child in the hospital? We would love to hear about him or her.

Would you like to give a bear for a child?

Give $5? (If you would like to give more, click on the donation button to the right. Or just change the number f items. Depending on the donation amount, I do have some gifts.)

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Buy A Bear For A Child-Your purchase will go to a child.

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