Let’s Recognize the Quality in The World

Happy Thursday
Happy Thursday

Quality in the world.

Happy Thursday!

Today is World Quality Day.

#WorldQualityDay #QualityDay

World Quality Day recognizes the efforts and contributions of quality professionals and aims to raise the level of quality awareness at companies around the world. Quality professionals help companies to understand that the customer defines what quality is, to learn how to view products and services through their customer’s eyes, and to collaborate with customers for further improvement. Quality professionals work to improve customer value by innovating and improving products, services, and processes. The increase of quality in companies enhances reputations, drives change, and improves profitability. On World Quality Day, companies host activities and events like seminars, presentations, quizzes, and competitions. Quality professionals in the companies usually put the events together.

How to Observe World Quality Day

Some ways the day can be observed include:

  • If you have a company, recognize the quality professionals in it, and focus on improving quality in it.
  • If you are a quality professional, put together a seminar or presentation about the importance of quality for your company, or organize quizzes and competitions about quality.
  • Go to the day’s official page for information specific to this year’s observance.
  • Find more resources and information about quality awareness on the CQI website.


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