Let’s Talk PINK-Our Program To Help Those With Breast Cancer

My daughter called me to tell me she heard from God. “He showed me this scripture like He was talking to me. He said ‘Be still and know that I am God'” I told her that was pretty awesome.

A few days later, she called up crying. “Dad, I have breast cancer.” And so the clock began.

Thankfully she had heard that verse.

Be still and know that I am God.

I cried with her. A few days later, I told her, I would be the dad who would keep her centered. Focused. At peace. I did that.

The first operation, a lumpectomy, did not remove all of the cancer cells and so a new strategy was required. A second operation was scheduled and my daughter had a mastectomy.

A year later she was cancer free. My daughter was fortunate.

But the pain, the appointments, the conversations…they were hard on her, her husband and my young grandson. Every day, she and I spoke on the phone. Every day I listened, prayed and stayed strong for her.

Not everyone has the support, the resources, the help my daughter did.

A few weeks ago, my friend Kyle, of mine who works at a company called Beeze Tees Screen Printing, said “I have a lot of these pink shirts. Do you have any thoughts?” An hour later I did.

This shirt design was the result of my thinking. A shirt to remind folks who may be going through a time of breast cancer, that being positive is important to the process.

I know my daughter had her down times. I know others who have battled breast cancer.

What I do is nothing compared to the brave woman (And sometimes man.) who are battling this terrible illness. But, I do feel that I am called to help those who are going through it and remind others that we can help and support.

I think if there is one piece of this I have embraced is “Cancer is a word and not a sentence”.

I created these shirts to support those in the battle against Breast Cancer.

Each shirt sold will do this.

  • Promote the message of Positivity against this terrible illness.
  • With each sale, I will donate $5 to an area organization here in Keene that helps those battling cancer.

How can you help?

  • Buy one of our Pink shirts (They are $15 and $5 of the sale will go to a local organization helping women.)
  • Donate money to our new nonprofit. (We have applied for our 501(c)3 status. All monies will be designated a charitable donation upon finalization by IRS.) The money you send for this project will provide these pink shirts to organizations, walkathons, etc. For each $15 donated we will send $5 to our local organization. I also will put $1 aside for our own Breast Cancer event we are looking to hold in the fall.

My goal is to donate $5,000 from the proceeds of these shirts in 2018.

Will you help me?

Positive Pink Breast Cancer T-Shirts $15 each 3X-XXL-XL-L-M-S

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Donate to our Breast Cancer Program

To all of you in the midst of this battle, I bless you.

If you would like more information, please connect with me. Thanks!

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