Looking For Volunteers & Help At Positive News For You

Why the need for volunteers or help?

Positive News For You is taking on a life of its own and I am coming to the place where the future is bright…and busy. And with growing and growth comes the need for help.

Your piece of the puzzle is important!

My wife would tell you that there have been some great ideas on my end of things, but not a lot of thinking on the idea of help. So, when the internet company took off in 1996 (Over a million visits a month.) …(“Did you count the cost?” While I was doing lunches and night meetings with organizations and groups all while pastoring a church and being a dad to five children.) Or the coffee company in 1999. (“You ever count the cost!” As I employed my homeschooled children to package over 5,000 orders that came in the first 3 days of the site launch. My eBay business ended up with 15 employees in its first 3 months.


I am going to put down categories and such and give as much information to help provide an onramp. Currently, these are volunteer status at the moment, though we hope in the near future to convert these to a paid status.

Content For Our Site

Writers-I would like to develop a team of writers that can put together stories of positivity. (I offer you this recent example a young woman wrote for us. The story was about how women were fighting sex trafficking through fashion.) These stories can be about a cause or an individual, an event or an action. We would like them to include pictures and/or videos. Stories need to be 350-500 words. Pre-approval for the story to appear must be given by us. All stories will enter into RepubHub, where it might be offered in other publications. If you note on our writer’s page, you will see that I am working to get monies for stories (And videos and pictures going forward.)

Roving Reporters-Men and women who may cover an event or catch someone doing something good. You can read more about this here. We used these in another company I owned. I think it is has a lot of potential for the future.

Town Criers-These are the people who submit, good, positive stories about what is going on in their hometown. Do you have a school event upcoming? Is there an annual tradition your community practices? I am more than willing to provide more guidance.

Photographers & Videographers-Do you have great photos and videos of positive happenings? We would love to see these. (We also have a couple of sister publications we are ramping up, so sometimes we may be able to give you multiple exposure.) All Pictures and Videos will give you full credit.

Event Announcers-Are you one of those folks who sees all the events and would like to see them here more? If this is your forte, let us know.

Submitters-We have sections on our site at the top of the page where you can submit articles and stories, links, pictures and Youtube videos.

Oversight of Writers, Roving Reporters and Town Criers. These folks will need guidance and direction. They will need a point of contact, that often cannot be me. A person or persons who are organized and gracious. Remember a lot of these folks are dipping their toes in this.

Media is Changing the World!

Clearly media is an all encompassing field. There is so much out there to embrace. We want to do it all.

Our website-We have a fairly good handle on it. Not perfect I know, but very functional. We certainly could use folks with a better working knowledge of WordPress and its bells and whistles. We could use someone to put all the headlines each day on the daily page we publish. Someone who knows how to place ads, etc.. This information also gets moved to our daily email.

Newsletter-We currently use MailChimp sending information out to subscribers. I would like to move this to a more informative, sales oriented model going forward.

Facebook & Social Media-Currently, we use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumble. I know we do not make the best use of these platforms. We need folks who can administrate the Facebook Page & Group. Add content. Make suggestions on using social media better.

Podcasts-I want to get podcasts out there with different people talking about changing our families, communities and nation by being positive about things. Let me know of you interest!

Video-Not just Facebook Live or Youtube, but actually working to get these on Community TV.

Graphics-We are already placing some graphics because we have a a great screen printer (Beeze Tees in Keene New Hampshire) but I am sure there is much more we can do.

Print-I have some thoughts about a physical newsletter, as well as some thoughts about some books as collaborative projects.

Phone App-The assembly of a phone app that will carry titles, etc..

Media Head-At some point I know this will be a paid position.

Non-Profit Thinking

At some point in the very near future, we will have a Non-Profit in place. The overriding mission will be to get the message of Positive News into communities, schools, businesses and organizations.

One of current projects will be moved over at that point, but it is to put a spot of joy in a child’s life. Check out the Bear Project.

We will need…

  • Board Members
  • Fundraisers
  • Donors
  • Sponsors

If you have an interest in the non-profit piece, please connect via the form below.


We have departments that include Science, Entertainment, Sports, Children and more. Finding a person to oversee the articles for these in the beginning would be awesome.


You can tell by my pictures and my lack of models, I need help here.😎

Your turn to step up!


Do you have a gift for selling? Would you be interested in what we do and getting like minds to join us through advertisers and sponsors? This is a COMMISSION POSITION!


Are you creative? Head for business? Just good ideas? Positive? I would love to connect!


Do you have experience with Kickstarter? (If you have to ask, you don’t.) I would love to hear from you if you do.

Where do I fit in?

Not you! Me!

What am I going to do? I assure you, sitting back on my couch and eating chocolates is not where I live.

My plan is to develop both a “for profit” and a “no-profit” business. In one of my companies, I “labored” with everything. I understood the four quadrants of business I taught. (Administrative, Sales & Marketing, Product or Service, and Finance.) But somehow, in the beginning, well…After months of struggle, I received a call from a friend at DET. “Lee, I have a guy here. He is kind of a b___s___ artist, but he knows his stuff.” I took a chance. I agreed to hire him for $600 a week plus commission. You do not want to know how little the company had made in 6 months. He came on board, developed a sales team, and I got to do what I do best. I met with influencers, organizations, Chambers, groups and more. (Our first week, I did 5 meetings and our sales were off the charts with 11 major companies coming on board.)

I will do everything I can in this season, but for me to get in front of others, is what makes me tick.

I want to build a company that will bring jobs and connect people.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please connect!

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